Chris Robert’s announcement of the PC space sim Star Citizen generated a fair amount of publicity last week, but (as tends to be the case with games in development), there are still plenty of unanswered questions about the title. In order to answer a few of those, Roberts has put up a ‘Draft FAQ’ on the game’s official site.

Quite a lot of them are dedicated to clearing up queries people may have had about the pledge rewards system (after all, it’s hard to decide whether to cough up for a fancy “citizen card” in advance if you don’t know how they’ll function in-game). To that end, the questions address ship differences and issues with community accounts.

The fundraising seems to be coming along quite well, with just over $900,000 USD being raised towards a $2.0 million USD goal. As was noted at the time of the game’s announcement, this $2.0 million USD should trigger additional investment from private backers.

In response to a repeated query about whether the title is an MMO, the FAQ says “No! Star Citizen will take the best of all possible worlds, ranging from a permanent, persistent world similar to those found in MMOs to an offline, single player campaign like those found in the Wing Commander series.”

Elsewhere, there’s an interesting note about system requirements. Being PC-only and based on the CryEngine 3, Star Citizen looks like it will take its toll on older systems.

“At the moment you will be able to play it on a 4GB dual core PC with a GTX 460 or greater, but not with full fidelity. If you’re running an i7 2500, 2600, 2700 or better with a GTX 670 or greater you will get the full experience and we will only scale up from there. You will need a dedicated GPU,” the FAQ states.

It does add, however, that “There will be a lot of optimization in the next 24-months”.

Source: Roberts Space Industries

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