Daedalic A Year Of Rain

It’s been a long road for Daedalic Entertainment’s A Year of Rain — and, sadly, the downpour of bad news continues. The game, which has been in Steam Early Access for some time, looks to now be on indefinite hold. This news comes from a recent update provided by the publisher.

A Year of Rain gets all rained out

Daedalic explained that the game is on hold from active development. The main reason for this is to “minimize recurring costs by replacing the official game servers with a new P2P system.” As a result, players can still take part in “multiplayer matches by opening up a lobby that others can join.” Unfortunately, this also means “there will not be any automatic matchmaking anymore.”

As a result, the leaderboards and player statistics will also vanish. However, players can unlock portraits and titles from the very start, rather than having to unlock them.

A Year Of Rain 2

With A Year of Rain‘s development on hold, we won’t see any future changes for it arrive anytime soon. This also includes the game’s revamped pathfinding, which will now come at a later date. That said, it will still receive the maps that were previously in development, along with the new Against All Odds mode. These will come once the studio completes the switch to the new version of the game.

The publisher said that it hopes fans will “understand the situation we were facing” as “an independent studio with limited resources.” It did try to “preserve as much as possible of the experience” and hopes players will still enjoy it to some extent. Now it’s just a matter of seeing if the publisher can get back on track and a possible return to the game.

Those that are interested in checking out A Year of Rain can do so on Steam.

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