July 8th, 2017

AaaAAAaaa!! for the Humble Bundle

I can only imagine they added the trippy graphics because leaping off buildings into an endless void isn’t weird enough by itself.

The latest Humble Bundle is ready to transport you to a magical Christmas wonderland, with… wait, no. The latest Humble Bundle has you flinging yourself off tall structures with AaaAAAaaa!!! for the Awesome. I guess you could tenuously link that to It’s a Wonderful Life? Hm.

Any price whatsoever will net you copies of surreal skydiver AaaAAAaaa!!! for the Awesome, log-slasher Jack Lumber, casual game satire and pyromaniac simulator Little Inferno, and sci-fi point-and-clicker Gemini Rue. Paying over the average (currently $4.09) also nets you multiplayer turn-based tactical wotsit Hero Academy and superb reverse-tower defence game Anomaly 2. Whichever set of games you opt for, you’ll get them for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices. Hurrah!

I can’t say I’ve ever played Jack Lumber or Hero Academy, but the rest of them are pretty damn good. Gemini Rue is an excellent point-and-click adventure, AaaAAAaaa etc is excellent, Little Inferno is bizarrely enthralling for a game in which you do nothing but set stuff on fire, and – as mentioned above – Anomaly 2 is great. Pick it up over here if any of these sound like your sort of thing.

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