In a bit of a shameless tie-in with the US Presidential Election (that’s happening today, in case you’re unaware – in which case you must not live in a US swing state), Larian Studios has released some character stills from upcoming title Dragon Commander debating the key issues of the day. Read on, to see what Yorick, Falstaff, Oberon, Prospera and Trinculo (someone’s been reading Shakespeare) have to say about the hot topics.

Always a contentious issue. Yorick’s stance on warship factories makes a lot of sense, given that Dragon Commander is an RPG-strategy game hybrid (so war units will obviously be key). Oberon sees the bigger picture though; like, what’s the point of conquering a ruined realm, maaan.

Well, you can’t really have a warship without cannons. To be honest, I’d be more worried about the unlicensed use of Dragons as weapons of destruction. That’s going to do a whole lot more damage than a mere cannon.

Big words from someone who appears to be so attached to a different species that he has them draped around his shoulders. Wait … it’s dead? Well that’s just even creepier.

Rivellon is a world founded by impigration. Shame on you, Falstaff. That said, I’m not sure I trust the blue guy. He looks like a lizard man to me; someone call David Icke.

Dragon Commander is due for release early in 2013.

If you’re in the US, don’t forget to vote today! Even if your state is unlikely to swing, there’ll almost certainly be other thrilling issues on the ballot.

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