Adr1ft adds an oxygen free mode in latest update


Three One Zero’s Adr1ft has been out for a few days for the Oculus Rift and also for normal monitor users. A new update has just landed which should be welcomed by players.

In Adr1ft one of the things you need to do to survive is collect oxygen tanks as you float about in space and on the station. Oxygen enables you to breath but it is also used for propulsion which means it can run low quite fast.

The biggest issue with this game mechanic is you feel a bit like PacMan dashing around trying to grab the tanks to progress. It does remove some of the “fun” from the game if you want to explore and just take it all in, especially in VR.

This morning a new patch dropped which adds a much needed oxygen free mode, a tunable FOV, more resolutions and language selection. Having played the game a bit this week, the first thing that got under my skin in both VR and on a monitor was the continual oxygen requirement. It just felt annoying.

The patch notes are as follows:

Adr1ft v

  • EVA FREE (Explore single levels with unlimited oxygen. (Levels unlock once they are completed in the main game experience)
  • Locale Selection in Steam (Right-click ADR1FT app in library and choose Properties/Language)
  • Tunable FOV
  • Additional Monitor Resolutions
  • Music Volume Slider
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