September 5th, 2017

Afro Samurai sequel announced

afro samurai

Versus Evil have announced that they’re publishing an Afro Samurai game sequel.

Details on this are extremely thin on the ground, unfortunately, as despite the announcement the game hasn’t really been properly revealed or displayed yet. We do know that theĀ Afro Samurai sequel is a third-person action-adventure that’ll be coming to both PC and “next-gen consoles”, though.

We also know that it’ll have an original storyline, new playable characters, more special moves and combos, and “dynamic dismemberment.”

It’s in development at Redacted Studios, a studio I can’t say I’ve heard of before, so I’m not quite sure what that implies for quality. The original Afro Samurai title was developed and published by Namco Bandai (now Bandai Namco) – it wasn’t particularly well-received, but I quite enjoyed it anyway. It was a stylish (if mechanically uninspired) third-person hack-and-slasher which… well, no. That was basically it.

We’ll apparently be hearing more about the Afro Samurai sequel “over the coming months.” On that note, the screenshot above is from the original Bandai Namco title.

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