Afterfall: Insanity adopts unusual pre-order model

PC shooter Afterfall: Insanity will be released on 25 November, and the developers are offering it for $1 USD if you pre-order … except not really.
You see, it’s all a rather far-fetched gamble. The price of $1 USD will only stick if the game receives 10 million orders. Yes, 10 million. That’s almost three times as many as the unprecedented sales of Minecraft.
If, by some miracle, Afterfall does sell 10 million copies, ten percent of the $10 million USD raised will go to a mysterious, unnamed charity.
If, as is going to happen, Afterfall does not sell 10 million copies, all of the collected revenue will go to the mysterious, unnamed charity and everyone who pre-ordered will be offered the game for $34 USD instead ($1 USD less than the usual cost).
So, in summary, if you’d like to donate $1 USD to a mysterious, unnamed charity, then go ahead and pre-order.
In case you’ve forgotten what Afterfall: Insanity looks like, here’s the latest trailer.