Funcom are getting ready to launch v2.1 on the live servers and with this update comes a new PvP mini-game and the map “The Call of Jhebbal Sag”.
The new PvP ruleset called Conquest features 12 vs 12 battles where the teams will fight over control of a strategic region of the wilderness by trying to capture different locations and holding them. Each side also starts out with a certain amount of ‘resource points’ which are lost for each captured point the opposing side holds for a certain time. Some ‘resource points’ are also lost whenever a player on the own team falls to the blades of the enemy.  When all the resources for your side are gone, the battle is lost and victory goes to the opposing side.
While the mini-game objectives are clear, there are various tactics that can lead to a victory. Players can for example try to conquer enough capture points and make the opponent run out of resources, or eliminate enough enemy players to give the opponent no other choice than to surrender.
In this update, players can now also bring their mounts to a mini-game, which will add another different layer of intensity to the area that has not been seen before. The new mini-game also comes with three new PvP quests, which are automatically added to the quest journal upon joining the mini-game. Finally there are also random buffs/debuffs located around the mini-game that can tip the tide of battle. Will your team receive the blessing of Jhebbal Sag or his curse?
Funcom have also been busy improving the matchmaking system for PvP mini-games. Each side of the opposing teams will get their mates assigned automatically depending on which class or archetypes have signed up for the game. This new improved matchmaking mechanic guarantees as balanced out groups on both sides as possible to make the battle even more demanding and intense! Also all previously available PvP mini-games benefit from this improved way to team up players.
The v2.1 update will be hitting the Age of Conan server shortly.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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