Microsoft has revealed Age of Empires is finally coming back, after almost a decade since its last incarnation. Age of Empires World Domination is releasing summer of this year – and its coming to touch enabled mobile platforms.

    While Age of Empires III came out 2005, and its last expansion, The Asian Dynasties, was released in 2007, there is a relatively recent incarnation of the series: Age of Empires Online, an MMO version of the RTS from 2011. AoE Online was not the best received of these games, with development ended January 2013. Perhaps in time with the new game announcement, AoE Online’s servers will be shut down July of this year.

    So, we don’t know much about Word Domination yet, but they promise early information for people who pre-register. Why not early access or preorder? I think that’s because it might be another F2P game. I don’t know how I feel about that, but touch controls will probably do the franchise good.

    We also hope Microsoft has planned for this to be a Windows universal app in advance. It would be quite an edge having Age of Empires playable across your phone, Xbox One, and Windows 8 slate or PC, over just your Android or iOS device. World Domination is being developed by KLab Global. You can check out their official announce trailer below.

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