Age of Wonders 3

Hi there, Nagas.

The Age of Wonders 3 expansion Golden Realms launched today on Steam, but the Triumph Studios team have ideas for further add-ons. IncGamers’ own David Reid asked Triumph’s Lennart Sas about the possible return of other races to the game and received some insight into the developers’ intentions for future DLC.

“Golden Realms is our first self-published DLC, so for us it’s a bit unknown what to expect in returns, but hope to keep on building out Age of Wonders 3 with both free and premium updates,” Sas says, confirming an intent to continue supporting the title in the immediate future.

As for which races might make a return, Sas states that “Tigrans and Frostlings are high on our list as races for a possible second expansion.”

“With the game engine’s terrain changing possibilities, it would be great to add races with strong ties to a certain terrain type which they can expand and control,” he adds.

There’s also some good news for those Age of Wonders 3 players hoping for an Undead overhaul. “With the Undead we’ll do something different this time as we’re looking into a Necromancer Class,” Sas confirms. “The cool thing with this class system is that you could turn any race to join the undead ranks variant as well as summon all sorts of undead monstrosities.”

Golden Realms was released today through Steam. We’ll have a review of the expansion in the coming days.

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