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Aion And Lineage Rake It In For NCsoft
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Aion And Lineage Rake It In For NCsoft

NCsoft’s financial report has revealed that its recently released MMO Aion accounted for 48% of the company’s overall sales in the last fiscal quarter.

Although Aion has been out in South Korea for over a year, the game was released in Europe and North America in September 2009. Western players took to the graphically stunning title, and it sold over 300,000 copies through pre-orders alone, going on to reach almost one million sales within days of its launch.

Surprisingly, NCsoft’s 12 year old MMO title Lineage brought in 27% of total sales and its sequel, Lineage 2 was responsible for 20%.

NCsoft’s overall profits for that quarter, over $170m, were up by 1000% compared to the previous year.

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