Aion hots up for summer

Coming soon to the world of Aion is the 2.6 update which should keep Aion players glued to their screens over the summer evenings.
The v2.6 update hits the servers on 3 August and will include among other things:

The “Crucible Challenge,” a solo version of the Empyrean Crucible instance

A new auto-party matching system for select key instances in the game

Difficulty level adjustments to Dark Poeta, Empyrean Crucible and Beshmundir Temple

A new pet, the Runaway Poppy, which has a chance to provide its master with Platinum Medals

New conditioning stones to make your gear even better than today

Improvements to boss looting in Fire Temple and Steel Rake

A full list of events and actrivities have also been posted on the official website so do pop over and check that out today.