Aion’s November community letter arrived today, penned by executive producer Lance Stites, revealing a couple of interesting things about the game and its immediate future.

    Firstly, the free transfer everyone was promised is being postponed. Apparently, the system that was devised was a ”rush job” and the developers weren’t happy with it.

    Now that the server queue issue isn’t as big as it was, I would guess the demand for the service has dropped off, allowing NCsoft to focus on other problems, such as the botters.

    Speaking of which, following the mass bannings a couple of days ago, Stites was keen to point out that he feels NCsoft is winning the battle against the spammers:

    “We have instituted a dedicated Game Surveillance Unit (GSU). The GSU is a team whose primary mission is to identify and ban users violating our terms of service: bot users, RMT chat spammers, and the like.” He continued, “This week we’ve banned over 27,000 of these accounts, and we’ll keep searching for other offenders to continue improving the quality of your game environment.”

    Finally, Stites talked about another common complaint Aion players have; the levelling curve and general risk vs reward factor. In other words, players feel the game is just a little too hard right now to be enjoyable. We’re all glad to see that issue is being tackled too:

    “In the near future, we hope to deploy a short-term enhancement to address some of concerns that you have told us about across the board. We’re currently testing some game variables to increase experience gain and other factors. We look forward to sharing some good news on this soon.”

    Look out for the next part of our Aion review next week, see the first section here.

    Paul Younger
    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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