NCsoft has released another podcast, featuring the Aion developers talking about the additions and changes to patch 1.9, which goes live next week. Producers Lani Blazer and Chris Hager make it clear from the start that 1.9 is a patch based on player feedback. It’s going to be full of things requested by Aion players, such as the ability to un-stun your character from level 40 onwards. The cost of travel, soul healing and soul binding has been “drastically” reduced, there’s a new Looking For Group feature to help players find others to help in instances and quests easier, and many of the campaign missions have been made a little easier, especially in the lower levels. Spell bars are now moveable, there’s many more quests and the rewards have been improved. The new Arms fusion system is also being introduced, allowing players to combine two weapons and make a better one, and there’s also a new gear rental system that lets players rent high quality armour and weapons. See the podcast below: 

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