Alice: Madness Returns bundled with original Alice

Consoles editions of the emo-platformer/slasher will come bundled with a free DLC code for the original game.
American McGee, the visionary behind this less-than-pretty reimagining of Lewis Carroll’s Alice, has told CVG that DLC is significant in keeping Madness Returns visible over the long term.
The most significant segment of that DLC is the original game in its entirety, which console gamers can download by redeeming a code that will bundled with the upcoming sequel. It’s likely (but not official) that is all part of EA’s online pass system and is being used as an incentive to entice consumers to buy a brand new copy of the game – rather than waiting for a pre-owned edition to pop up.
Hats off to EA, because this kind of incentive is certainly much more attractive than free costumes, weapons or in-game companions. However, those who love to dress up their avatars haven’t been left out as Madness Returns will also include DLC in the form of new dresses which provide Alice with unique special abilities.
Our recent hands-on with Alice: Madness Returns can be found here.

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