Aliens Colonial Marines DX10 mod improves visuals

Aliens Colonial Marines DX10 mod improves visuals

Aliens: Colonial Marines didn’t quite pan out the way many expected it too but thankfully the community has decided that the game is worth improving in the visuals department with the release of a mod.

THX555 hit moddb and released the AliensDX10 Better Grafik and Light mod which does the following.

  • DirectX 10 is enabled
  • Better light thanks to DX10
  • Realistic light-shadow effects lamps.
  • Weapons reflect better.
  • Realistic muzzle flash.
  • Fewer problems with Nvidia 3d 3d mode (MAY 🙂
  • RAM usage is better for graphics (textures) light animations texture memory load times of textures and shadows.
  • Game will load faster.
  • Better Bloom
  • Play better with the controller better AIM is active.

We’re yet to test this out, Peter is in the throes of a PC review which will be coming soon. If you want to try this out, check this video of the improvements in action first and see if it’s worth the effort.
Commentary is in German.

Thanks EricBrighteyes.

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