The Train Simulator franchise is completing its tenth anniversary this year. The original Train Simulator, also called RailWorks, released back in June 2009. Today, Dovetail Games announced that Train Simulator 2020 is coming to Steam on Sept 19. You’ll be able to drive the series’ signature locomotives on diesel, electric, or steam across the globe.

As per our review of Train Simulator 2019 from last year, the game’s engine was starting to show its age. According to the press release, Train Simulator 2020 will make up for those wrinkles. The upcoming title boasts a set of features that promises to reach new heights of visual realism. The game will include a range of new options, such as ambient light, sunlight strength, vignette, and field of view control. These will all offer players more graphical control. You will be able to cast classic railroads in a sepia overlay or in modern lines with bright colors. Dovetail Games promises a Train Simulator experience like no other.

Train Simulator 2020 routes and features

There are many routes in Train Simulator 2020 for players to explore. You’ll be able to visit the Danube Valley on the Nürnberg & Regensburg Bahn route, aboard German engines through urban and rural landscapes. This is an exclusive route of Train Simulator 2020, featuring Germany’s oldest rail structures with Nürnberg’s neo-gothic station, originally built in 1844.

There are also routes of the South West Main Line: Southampton to Bournemouth and the Norfolk-Southern N-Line in England and America. These were already available in Train Simulator 2019, but now you will be able to experience them with greater graphical detail.

Train Simulator 2020 will offer traditional features through which players can drive and explore the world along railway routes. Players will also be able to reuse over 22,000 items from the Train Simulator workshop on Steam Workshop. The graphical overhaul promises to add much value to train sim aficionados.

Train Simulator 2020 will release on Sept 19 for PC. There’s no Steam page available yet for players to wishlist, but keep an eye out for it.

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