All Apex Legends characters, ranked

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With 25 characters now in the Apex Legends roster, it’s a perfect time to place them all in a ranked tier list. It can be quite difficult deciding which Legend to play as with all these choices.

Now that Season 19 introduced Conduit, there are even more Legends to decide from. If you’re unsure of who’s better than the rest, here’s my opinionated list.

Apex Legends: All characters, ranked tier list

With there being so many Legends, and with many minor and major adjustments to certain characters each Season, it’s hard deciding who’s best and who’s not. Although you may not agree with my tier list, here are all the Apex Legends characters ranked.

All Apex Legends characters Ranked
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S-Tier Legends

  • Bangalore
  • Newcastle
  • Bloodhound
  • Gibralter
  • Revenant

Bangalore is still one of the top characters. Her Tactical smoke ability is incredibly useful on the battlefield, just as much as her movement Passive and offensive Ultimate is. Newcastle in Season 19 reigns supreme as the best defensive Legend. I find that his Mobile Shield and Castle Wall can help for quick defense, while his Passive is a great way to protect downed allies.

Bloodhound also continues to be a great pick. Being able to track enemies and traps, while using their Ultimate for intense combat encounters makes Bloodhound the best in the Recon class. Second to Newcastle is Gibralter, who’s great at both defense and offense. Defense with his incredible Dome of Protection and Gun Shield, but offense with his Ultimate that rains down concentrated strikes.

Finally, Revenant is still one of the best Skirmishers. He can jump far distances, crouch and wall climb faster, and highlight low-health enemies. Also, Revenant’s Ultimate not only blocks damage, but regenerates.

A-Tier Legends

  • Wraith
  • Lifeline
  • Catalyst
  • Octane
  • Valkyrie
  • Loba

Wraith sometimes goes between S and A Tier for me. She’s a strong Skirmisher pick to quickly run from danger with her Ultimate. Although her Tactical is useful, I find her Passive underwhelming. Lifeline is still my main from the first Season, and she continues to be the best healer. But with talks of reworks in the future for her less-than-helpful Ultimate, I think Lifeline has S-Tier potential.

Catalyst is the best Controller Legend, as her Ultimate and Tactical can slow and block enemies. It’s also nice to have a Legend who can Barricade doors, but it’s a pretty situational Passive. If you want speed, always choose Octane. The fact that his Tactical costs health but he can restore health over time is a win-win in my opinion. I also love using the Launch Pad, but I’ve still seen more useful Ultimates.

Valkyrie is another great A-Tier Legend with her mini-rockets and incredible Ultimate for quick escapes. Although I enjoy using the jetpack, I never feel 100% comfortable using it. Finally, I still love Loba and her incredible shop Ultimate, as well as her Tactical that allows for a quick escape. Her Passive is pretty good for spotting high-quality loot, but it doesn’t help much for late-game play.

B-Tier Legends

  • Horizon
  • Conduit
  • Pathfinder
  • Mad Maggie
  • Caustic
  • Wattson
  • Ballistic
  • Seer

Horizon is a decent Skirmisher for vertical traversal, and her Ultimate is pretty strong, but I think her Passive could be better. Conduit is the new Legend that helps with shield regeneration, but it’s only temporary, and her Ultimate can be useful in specific situations where you want to trap enemies.

I think Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook is his best ability, and the Zipline is very useful, but his Passive for finding the ring’s next location isn’t as good as it could be. Mad Maggie’s best ability is her Ultimate, her Riot Drill is helpful for getting through obstacles, but her Passive is only good if you like to use Shotguns.

Caustic is good for defense, but he used to be a lot stronger than he is now. At least his Nox Gas Trap can trap enemies in buildings, but I feel like his Passive is underwhelming and should be more than just being able to see enemies through your gas.

Wattson is also a decent Controller, and can hold defense well with her Perimeter Security and Interception Pylon. I feel like her Passive is also a little underwhelming, as it relies on you finding Ultimate Accelerants. Ballistic is still pretty new and has less-than-favorable abilities. His Ultimate is a great boost, but I wish his Tactical was somewhat better.

Finally, Seer can be a strong Recon Legend with practically all his abilities. I think his kit could be more versatile than just revealing enemy locations.

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C-Tier Legends

  • Vantage
  • Ash
  • Crypto

Although these Legends are listed as C-Tier, that doesn’t mean they’re terrible. Vantage is great for players who enjoy using long-ranged weapons, but she doesn’t work as well with close-encounters because of this.

I find Ash’s one-way portal to not be as good as Wraith’s portal, but her Tactical can help deal close-up damage, and her Passive is almost like a Recon ability.

Crypto’s drone can leave Crypto vulnerable, but when he does have his drone, he can deal a good amount of damage with it. Unless his Drone is shot down, that is.

D-Tier Legends

  • Mirage
  • Rampart

Finally, I sadly had to put some Legends in D-Tier, and I just don’t love them as much as the others. Mirage can be useful when he tricks enemies, but as soon as they figure him out, he doesn’t have much to counter with.

Also, Rampart is a very situational Legend. Unfortunately, her Tactical wall is easily countered, and her Sheila gun needs a defensive position. I’d rather pick other Controller Legends than Rampart.

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