All attributes explained in The Last Faith

All attributes explained in The Last Faith
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Leveling up your attributes in The Last Faith is what keeps you ahead of the various nasties, ghouls, and spooks that are out to eat your soul. However, you need to understand your attributes and how they correspond to your playstyle to make the most of it all.

Understanding your attributes

Your hard-earned points need to be spent well in The Last Faith, as there is no way to get your attributes refunded. The attributes you can purchase are broken down into five categories.


All attributes explained in The Last Faith vitality
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The main use for Vitality is your hit points. The higher your Vitality, the higher your red health bar at the top. This means that if, like me, you prefer to go into battle with your forehead as a shield, you can weather the storm. I like to be able to take a battering during fights. With the scarcity of health items in The Last Faith, this is a vital attribute.

Vitality also boosts your resistance to Blood attacks and Physical. Also, when points are spent on this attribute, it takes longer to be inflicted with the Bleeding debuff.


All attributes explained in The Last Faith strength
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Strength is the attribute I buried most of my points into in The Last Faith. I love heavy, slow weapons that I can roll in, get one or two devastating blows with, and then retreat. The Strength attribute puts points towards heavy damage weapons such as the Ethereal Great Blade and the Skullcleaver.

The Strength attribute in The Last Faith puts points towards resisting all things cold and nasty. By putting points into it, you also gain resistance to frost and frozen. By the end of my first playthrough, I could sleep in the driving snow and not even shiver.


All attributes explained in The Last Faith Dex
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I would have thought that the Dexterity attribute would assist with the speed of rolling and sprinting. But, as far as I can tell, it only assists with certain weapons, such as the Nightfall Blade and Nighttide’s Rout. it also gives a resistance to fire and the effects of burning. I spent a lot of points needlessly on this attribute, hoping it would help with dodge rolls. Alas, my points were irretrievably wasted.


All attributes explained in The Last Faith mind
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The more Mind attribute points you gain in The Last Faith, the bigger your character’s head becomes as his brain fills with all the knowledge. I kid, but that would be an amazing feature. Instead, the Mind attribute contributes to your weapon skill, your focus, and dark/nightmare resistance.

You will find that your skill and damage with weapons like the Nighttide’s Rout become higher with this attribute. Your blue bar, which dictates the mind, will also grow. This means you can use more spells or your special heavy attack more often.


All attributes explained in The Last Faith instinct
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The last of the attributes in The Last Faith provides some interesting skills and is perfect for the ranged player who likes to parry. Instinct’s main purpose is to improve your damage with ranged weapons such as pistols. It also builds resistance to all things electric. However, on top of this, it also improves your fate bar. The fate bar dictates how often you can use your Stigma.

Your first Stigma is for parrying and blocking. If you have managed to get this mechanic down, you will want to put some points into this attribute. However, in my entire playthrough of the game, I didn’t parry or block once. I found the mechanic too specific with the button presses and often unreliable.

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