Fortnite Avatar Elemental Shrine Firebending
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All Avatar Mythic locations in Fortnite: Firebending, Earthbending, Airbending, and Waterbending

Time to master the elements.

Four new Avatar Mythic weapons have entered Fortnite: Firebending, Earthbending, Airbending, and Waterbending. If you want to get one of these every match, then make sure to memorize where you can get them!

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How to get the new Avatar mythic weapons in Fortnite

There are two ways to get the four new elemental Mythic Avatar weapons in Fortnite.

Generally, there is a small chance of getting one of the element-bending weapons when looting any chest in the world, but that’s not a realistic practice to make headway for your Chakra quests, especially if you want that Appa Glider!

If you want a guaranteed way to get a bending weapon of your choice, then make sure to head to an Elemental Shrine. Below is a map of all Elemental Shrines in the game, and what bending weapon they’ll produce.

Fortnite Avatar Elemental Shrine Locations Map
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  • Red dots = Fire Shrines that will have Firebending.
  • Green dots = Earth Shrines that will have Earthbending.
  • Dark blue dots = Water Shrines that will have Waterbending.
  • Light blue dots = Air Shrines that will have Airbending.

Head to the appropriate Shrine and, as long as you’re earlier than any other player, you’ll get the bending weapon when interacting with the small stand in the middle of the shrine.

How to use Waterbending in Fortnite

Waterbending can be found in any chest, but is a guaranteed find in any Water Shrine as long as no other player has got to it first.

With Waterbending, you’ll be both dealing damage and supporting yourself, balancing survivability with offensive measures. It’s quick, reliable, and difficult to counter.

Fortnite Waterbending
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Waterbending attacks:

  • Shoot Ice Projectile: Shoot forth some ice projectiles that deal 24 damage each and have great speed and range. This uses up your water meter.

Waterbending abilities:

  • Summon Water: When your water meter runs out, you can quickly summon water again to refill it.
  • Heal in Water: When in water, you’ll heal health in small increments.

How to use Firebending in Fortnite

Firebending can be found from chests in Fortnite, or you can get a guaranteed drop at a Fire Shrine.

With Firebending equipped, you’ll be a master at close-quarter combat. I got my first Victory Royale with firebending, with 11 kills, which I’m pretty proud of. You will be launching quick and powerful attacks that opponents will struggle to evade.

Fortnite Firebending
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Firebending attacks:

  • Fire Sweep: Short range attack that, if held, releases an onslaught of fire arcs with a huge ark at the end. Deals 40 damage per hit, so can quickly eliminate an opponent if you’re accurate.
  • Fire Slam: Leap into the air and strike the ground to deal 80 damage in a radius, great for finishing opponents as you don’t need to be accurate, and you’ll be too fast to strike down.

How to use Airbending in Fortnite

Airbending can be looted from chests – but if you really want it, then you can loot it from an Air Shrine.

Airbending isn’t an offensive weapon, as it’s used as a mobility boost. You’ll be zooming around the map and across water, with no one being able to catch up or escape you (aside from another Airbender!). The cooldowns are rather long, however, so make sure to use your abilities wisely.

Fortnite Airbending
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Airbending abilities:

  • Air Wheel: With Air Wheel, you will be using a wheel of air to move around. You will be able to move very fast, and all fall damage will be negated. You can travel on water, also. Hitting other players with it won’t damage them, though.
  • Air Jump: Boost into the air super far.

How to use Earthbending in Fortnite

Earthbending can be found in chests, although you’ll get a guaranteed drop at an Earth Shrine.

With Earthbending, you’ll be making deliberate, yet powerful plays, with a focus on defence. You will be mighty but slow, so you’ll need to be accurate and methodical to slam your opponents. The Rock Wall ability will allow you time to recharge your attack whilst drawing your enemies closer.

Fortnite Earthbending
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Earthbending attack:

  • Throw Rock: Launch a large slab of rock that deals 85 damage. It has a slower fire rate but can store 5 charges which will always be generating over time.

Earthbending ability:

  • Rock Wall: Summon an 800HP wall in front of you. This has a slow recharge but has great coverage. It will also destroy structures in front of it.

With knowledge of all the Avatar Mythic weapons in Fortnite and how to use them, you can now go ahead and complete some of your Chakra quests, like destroying that Cabbage Cart.

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