Appa Glider In Fortnite
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How to unlock the Appa glider by opening Chakras in Fortnite

Better get your Chi in check.

The Avatar: Elements event has finally begun in Fortnite, and the Appa Glider is available to all players — but only those able to master the elements.

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How to unlock the Appa Glider in Fortnite

The Appa Glider has got to be the coolest item in this whole Avatar event, so getting it will require some dedication. On the Elements Quests page, you’ll see at the top of all the quests are the “Element Bonus Goals” quests.

Appa Glider Quests Fortnite
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The top quest requires you to open six Chakras to gain the Appa Glider for free. This is quite a tall task, and is only open for 3 weeks. Don’t think that you can breeze through the quests immediately, however, as the Chakras will only be available at certain times.

Once you’ve opened all the Chakras, you’ll be able to gain the Appa Glider and fly around with the adorably fluffy companion.

How to open Chakras in Fortnite

So what are these six Chakras that you’ll need to open to gain the Appa Glider for free, then?

You will get to open one Chakra for each element if you complete four quests in that element’s quest set. The event started with only the Water Chakra quest set active, and as the event goes on, more element Chakra quest sets will be revealed.

You can track this progress through the other quest that’s a part of the Elemental Bonus Goals quests.

Here are all the Chakra quest sets and when they’ll go live:

  • The Water Chakra Quests are live now.
  • The Earth Chakra Quests go live April 15 at 9 AM ET.
  • The Fire Chakra Quests go live April 18 at 9 AM ET.
  • The Air Chakra Quests go live April 22 at 9 AM ET.
  • The Light Chakra and Sound Chakra Quests go live April 25 at 9 AM ET.

You should only ever need to complete four of quests of each set to open that Chakra. So if I were you, I’d get to working on the Water Chakra quests now to keep ahead of the game.

If you keep up with everything, the earliest you’ll be able to gain the Appa Glider is on the 25th of April, when the final two Chakra quests get released.

To breeze through those Water Chakra quests, make sure you know exactly where the Water Shrines are to benefit from Waterbending.

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