All Console Commands In Soulmask
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All console commands in Soulmask

Become a god.

With any online multiplayer survival game comes the question of console commands. If you’re running a server in Soulmask, here are all the console and admin commands you can use.

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How to use console commands

In total, there are 28 console commands you can use to your advantage in Soulmask. To use these console commands, you’ll first need to create an admin password for your dedicated server like so:

  1. Right-click the StartServer.bat file under “C:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Soulmask Dedicated Server For Windows” and select “Edit”.
  2. Type “-adminpsw=[your password]” at the end of the startup command, but replace [your password] with the password you choose without the brackets.

Once you figure out a password and jump into your server, here’s how to access your console commands:

  1. Press ~ on your keyboard.
  2. Type “gm key [password]” without the brackets.
  3. Type your password again in the admin menu and select “Become the admin.”

Now that you’re an admin of your server, you can easily type out any console command by pressing the ~ key and typing out your command.

Soulmask: All console commands

gm key [password]Open GM Panel
gm AddExp [value]Add Experience
gm Addmjexp [value]Add Mask Experience
gm Addshoulieexp [value]Add Hunting Experience
gm AddShouLieExp [value]Increase Hunting Experience
gm XiDianReset Points
gm ZiSha 1Suicide
gm FuHuoRevive
gm shanhaoDelete Account
GPSView Own Location
gm ZhaoMuQuick Recruit NPC (Aim at Target)
gm Go [position_x] [position_y] [position_z]Teleport
gm ClearAllNpcClear All NPCs
gm ClearSelectRemove Selected Target
gm ShuaXinZhiBeiRefresh Vegetation within Range
gm ShowInfo 1Show Own Information (Quality, Skill Levels, Talents, etc.)
gm ShowInfo 0Show Character Information (Quality, Skill Levels, Talents, etc.)
gm SetAttr YinShen 1Invisibility
gm SetAttr YinShen 0Disable Invisibility
gm JSMJRepair Mask Nodes
gm ShowMapUnlock All Map Information
gm KeJiShuUnlock All Tech Tree Nodes
gm ShowReDuDisplay Barbarian Invasion Heat Information Chart
gm ClearAllReDuClear All Barbarian Invasion Heat
gm AddReDu [value]Increase Barbarian Invasion Heat at Current Location
gm ChongZhiRenWuReset Tutorial Missions
Debuginfo 1View Server Status Information
Debuginfo 0Close Server Status Information

Now that you have access to these console commands while playing Soulmask on PC, what if you wanted to play this open-world survival game on Steam Deck?

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