All Creative Accounting Event Rewards in Monopoly GO

Creative Accounting In Monopoly Go
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Now that Tax Refund has ended, the next milestone event, Creative Accounting, has begun in Monopoly Go! Let’s get to grips with all the rewards that you can expect to find in this new milestone event!

How does Creative Accounting Work in Monopoly GO?

Creative Accounting is a milestone event in Monopoly GO. Milestone events will have you collecting points to meet certain point thresholds to earn rewards. The rewards get better and better as you go, so earn as many points as you can to get as many rewards as possible.

Note that the amount of points needed will vary per milestone, but will get averagely more demanding as you advance. Completing the event fully isn’t a realistic goal, so just get as far as you can.

How to get calculator points in Creative Accounting in Monopoly GO

To progress in Creative Accounting in Monopoly GO, you’ll need points, that have taken the shape of calculators. You can collect calculator points in the following ways:

  • Landing on any Tax Tile = +3 points.
  • Landing on any Utility = +2 points.

Make sure that you’ve got a high multiplier active, as it will also multiply the points earned!

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All rewards and milestones for Creative Accounting in Monopoly GO

Money And Dice In Monopoly Go
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Thanks to @itsjakesm on X, I had all the data I needed to provide the following table. Note that cash rewards are subjective to each player, so values can’t be assigned.

MilestonePoints NeededRewards
153 Pickaxes
2510 Free Rolls
35Green Sticker Pack
4103 Pickaxes
550150 Free Rolls
6105 Pickaxes
71510 minutes of Cash Boost
815Green Sticker Pack
9156 Pickaxes
10100225 Free Rolls
1225Green Sticker Pack
13258 Pickaxes
15225425 Free Rolls
163011 Pickaxes
1840Orange Sticker Pack
194513 Pickaxes
20300500 Free Rolls
2145Pink Sticker Pack
225016 Pickaxes
235010 minutes of High Roller
256001K Free Rolls
268019 Pickaxes
2760Orange Sticker Pack
2865120 Free Rolls
297026 Pickaxes
31100Blue Sticker Pack
32150200 Free Rolls
342505 minutes of Cash Boost
351K1.5K Free Rolls
36300Blue Sticker Pack
3840030 Pickaxes
39500Purple Sticker Pack
402K3K Free Rolls
4160020 minutes of High Roller
43700850 Free Rolls
45750900 Free Rolls
4680045 Pickaxes
47850Golden Blue Sticker Pack
494K6.5K Free Rolls and a Golden Blue Sticker Pack

How long is Creative Accounting in Monopoly GO?

The Creative Accounting milestone event for Monopoly GO ends in two days, on November 17. That’s not a lot of time to get through all of the milestones, so you’ll need to act fast if you want to make the most of the event!

I hope this has been useful, fellow mogul, as it goes over everything you could want to know about the Creative Accounting event.

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