All Egyptian Treasures event rewards in Monopoly GO

Egyptian Treasures In Monopoly Go
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Monopoly GO has come out with the interesting Egyptian Treasures event, that acts independently from the milestone events and tournaments!

Only on for a limited time, you’ll need to act fast if you want to make the most out of this event.

How does the Egyptian Treasures event work in Monopoly GO?

Egyptian Treasures is a new event in Monopoly GO unlike one we’ve seen before. Players will be taken to an archeological dig site to uncover ancient treasures to fill up sets. Using the pickaxes that you’ll be collecting, you’ll have to dig out squares to uncover the treasure in a set. Upon completing the set, you’ll be rewarded and will move on to the next.

There are 16 levels for you to complete, and you’ll get rewarded for every level that you complete. There will be different treasures of different shapes and sizes, so be careful to use as few pickaxes as possible to save them for other levels. The uncompleted treasures will hint at their shape and size, so you’ll have to be smart to get far!

How to get pickaxes in Monopoly GO

You can get pickaxes in Monopoly GO by getting far in other events, such as the quick wins, the milestone events, and more. Everywhere else that you can get rewarded in Monopoly GO, you’ll be able to grab these pickaxes.

Egyptian Treasures Event In Monopoly Go
Image via Scopely

So to get far in Egyptian Treasures, you’ll have to get far in all the other events, too.

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All rewards and milestones for the Egyptian Treasures event in Monopoly GO

In the Egyptian Treasures event in Monopoly GO, you’ll get rewarded for every level you complete:

  • Level 1 – 75 Free Rolls
  • Level 2 – 100 Free Rolls and a Sticker Pack
  • Level 3 – Cash and 3 Pickaxes
  • Level 4 – 175 Free Rolls
  • Level 5 – Cash and a Sticker Pack
  • Level 6 – 200 Free Rolls and 4 Pickaxes
  • Level 7 – Sticker Pack and 4 Pickaxes
  • Level 8 – 275 Free Rolls
  • Level 9 – Cash and 5 Pickaxes
  • Level 10 – 300 Free Rolls
  • Level 11 – Cash and a Sticker Pack
  • Level 12 – 350 Free Rolls and 8 Pickaxes
  • Level 13 – Cash and 400 Free Rolls
  • Level 14 – Sticker Pack
  • Level 15 – Cash and 450 Free Rolls
  • Level 16 – 2,500 Free Rolls, cash, and a Galaxy Sticker Pack

There’s lots to look forward to, so make sure to make the most of this event whilst it lasts!

How long is the Egyptian Treasures Event in Monopoly GO?

The Egyptian Treasures event in Monopoly GO will last until the 16th of November, so not a lot of time to complete every single level! You’d better act fast and get lucky.

I hope this has been helpful to you, fellow mogul, and that you’ll be making the most out of Egyptian Treasures in no time.

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