All Desert Ridge chest locations in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

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The desert planet of Jedha is full of open expanses which allow for great visibility when searching for collectibles. However, seeing is not the same as reaching. The various caves, cliffs, and tall ledges present plenty of navigation challenges. We’ve made things easy for you though with this Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guide that covers all four of the Desert Ridge chest locations along with steps for how to get each.

All Desert Ridge chest locations in Jedi: Survivor

Here are where to find all of the Desert Ridge chest locations on Jedha in Jedi: Survivor. We’ve included a map below that highlights all of the locations. Three of these chests do not have ability requirements to reach, but you will need to unlock the ability to grapple and launch from the hovering platforms in order to get the last chest.

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You’ll notice the first chest on a cliff ledge near Cere’s Base on Jedha on a ridge above the entrance you take when entering the base for the first time. This is near the entrance with the large stone elevator just inside for additional reference. You’ll need to travel up from the main open area on Jedha to reach the ridge where you can access the chest.

Notice that the wall has markings for wall-running. You’ll then notice a very small outcropping from the cliff wall to the right of the runnable wall. Run and jump to that small landing and then jump to the larger landing with the chest. It contains the Revisit Waters music track for Greez’s Cantina Pyloon’s Saloon on Koboh.

The next chest is very quick and easy to get. Go to the Desert Ridge Meditation Point and you’ll find the chest right next to the mediation point within the ruined structure. The chest contains the Kaminoan Legs modification for BD-1.

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The third chest is also relatively easy and only requires some brief travel to the area. If you’re already at the Desert Ridge Meditation Point, turn to face the canyon wall and take a left then go right through a pass. Follow the route uphill until you spot the chest on a ledge near a shortcut zipline. The chest contains the Serenity lightsaber Switch.

The last chest requires the ability to grapple the hovering balloons and is the most work by far. Head to the Path of Conviction at the Arid Flats. This is reachable from the Desert Ridge Meditation Point by taking a right and heading towards the point of interest ahead and slightly to the left. You’ll see the hovering platforms as you approach.

Path Of Conviction Chest Location Desert Ridge Jedha Puzzle How To Get To

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Grapple across the two platforms to the first landing on the cliffside and defeat the Stormtroopers. Once done, approach the outer ledge and look up the side of the cliff wall to spot another grapple point. You’ll then wall jump upwards to a climbable section of the wall which takes you to the top mesa. You’ll need to deal with a group of Imperials unless you want to outrun them by immediately going to the right and grabbing onto the Relter pterodactyl-like creature perched at the ledge.

You’ll then glide across the ravine to a cliff near the Desert Ridge Meditation Point. Don’t forget you can pull up on the controls to glide further, though it is not necessary to reach the chest as long as you control the glide. The chest contains the Temperance lightsaber Emitter, which is certainly worth the trouble.

Getting to all of the Jedha Desert Ridge chest locations just takes a little skill and progression, but it’s one of the easier areas to complete in Jedi: Survivor. We also have a guide for all of the nearby Arid Flats collectible locations, another guide on all of the Sanctuary temple collectible locations, and one for all collectible locations at the Loading Gantry for the Lucrehulk on Koboh just to name a few.

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