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All Event Rewards for Cranberry Carnival in Monopoly GO

An event crammed with goodies.

Monopoly GO is celebrating Thanksgiving, and what better way to do that than by giving? The Cranberry Carnival milestone event is live and full of prizes for you to collect.

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How does Cranberry Carnival work in Monopoly GO?

Cranberry Carnival is a milestone event in Monopoly GO. Until November 21, you’ll be able to earn points to ascend the different milestones, earning better and better rewards as you go. There are many milestones to hit in this event, so you’ll aim to go as far as possible.

Thanksgiving In Monopoly Go
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In Cranberry Carnival, you’ll be able to earn points by landing on the following tiles:

  • Tax Tile = 3 points
  • Utility Tile = 2 points

If you have your dice multiplier active, the number of points gained will also be multiplied! So roll high to win high, but only when near a tax or utility tile, otherwise you’ll be wasting the dice.

All Rewards for Cranberry Carnival in Monopoly GO

Below are all the rewards for the Cranberry Carnival in Monopoly GO, alongside what you need to do to earn them. Thanks to @itsjakesm on Twitter/X for providing the info for this table! Note that all cash rewards are subjective to each player, so I can’t give a value here.

MilestonePoints RequiredRewards
2510 Free Rolls
310Green Sticker Pack
450130 Free Rolls
615Green Sticker Pack
71510 minutes of Rent Frenzy
9100225 Free Rolls
1125Green Sticker Pack
13250480 Free Rolls
1540Orange Sticker Pack
17400750 Free Rolls
185010 minutes of High Roller
1975Pink Sticker Pack
217001,100 Free Rolls
2260Orange Sticker Pack
247015 minutes of Cash Grab
2580100 Free Rolls
27150Blue Sticker Pack
28200250 Free Rolls
301,2002,000 Free Rolls
313005 minutes of Board Rush
32400Blue Sticker Pack
341,8002,700 Free Rolls
35550Purple Sticker Pack
37700800 Free Rolls
39750900 Free Rolls
40800Golden Blue Sticker Pack
424,300Golden Blue Sticker Pack and 7,000 Free Rolls

I hope the above rewards are to your liking, fellow mogul, and if not, well, there’ll always be another one!

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