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How to get Herbs to treat disease in Manor Lords

It's tea time, lads.

While you will certainly be able to thrive throughout most of the year, Manor Lords will become increasingly difficult by the second. And while you might be focusing on upgrading your city, you might have other issues to worry about. Here is how to get Herbs to treat disease in Manor Lords.

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Manor Lords: Disease, explained

Once you begin seeing the fruit of your efforts in Manor Lords – that is, houses being built at x16 time – you will soon find out the hard way that there is a status effect on your villagers that you will probably want to take care of as soon as possible: disease.

Manor Lords Population
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You see, while diseases can appear to manifest in your town through mere chance, the thing that triggers it is a lack of food variety. After all, a balanced diet does make the difference. This will cripple your townsfolk, preventing them from doing any type of job for a short time. And while these villagers will cure themselves through time, the results of not having available villagers to gather resources can be catastrophic.

Fortunately, there is a way to cure disease in Manor Lords besides having a varied assortment of foods: get some Herbs!

Manor Lords: How to get Herbs to treat disease

Manor Lords Herb Garden
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Now, Herbs aren’t naturally found in the wild like you would find wildlife or Stone mines. To get Herbs, you will first have to build a Forager’s Hut, which will only cost one Timber – make sure to chop down some trees, you will need it! Now, the Forager’s Hut on its own will not do the trick, you will need to add a Herb Garden. This is tricky to get since you will need the following resources:

  • 25x Regional Wealth: Acquired through trading or by passive income when upgrading Burgagae Plots to Level 2.
  • 2x Planks: Process Timber at a Sawmill.

Once you have added your Herb Harden to your Forager’s Hut, you will be able to get a decent amount of Herbs to treat people suffering from disease. Since Regional Wealth is limited at the start of your playthrough, I suggest spending money on adding the Herb Garden first. Otherwise, your villagers will suffer from disease and stop your expansionist ideas from materializing.

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