All Exoprimal Exosuits Season 1, explained: Assault, Tank, and Support

Mecha Jurrasic Park has a good ring to it.
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Announced back in 2022, Exoprimal surprised many. Allowing you to fight dinosaurs and other creatures can be a fun experience. But, fighting in Gundam like exosuit could potentially make the game one of the coolest shooters to come out. Fast forward a year later, we finally get to take on these prehistoric monsters in some over-the-top action sequences. For its first season, Exoprimal features a handful of exosuits that fall into three categories: Assault, Support, and Tank. On top of that, each exosuit has a variant form, meaning you can change your play style depending on which variant you use. If you want to know how all the tank, support, and assault exosuits operate in Season 1 for Exoprimal, the guide should explain that.

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Exoprimal: All exosuits assault, support, and tank in Season 1

As mentioned, for Season 1 all ten exosuits belong to either the assault, support, and tank class in Exoprimal. On top of that, suit each has its own variant. If you played the beta, you probably have some understanding of how they work. But for the full game, it seems like a lot has changed.  Let’s break down each exosuit and its variant below.

Season 1 Assault exosuits

Deadeye: Every shooter has their balanced character, Deadeye is basically that. This all-around exosuit will have you fighting more aggressively because you can back that up with its powerful arsenal. If you opt to play safe, Deadeye’s main gun can be used at a distance as well. This exosuit is probably the fastest way to get into Exoprimal’s meta.

Variant Burstfire: The variant of Deadeye is an even more intense exosuit. Rather than having a low-recoil rifle, Burstfire has a shotgun. When shooting from the hip, you’ll get a powerful short-range attack, but if you aim down sights you get a little more range.

Zephyr: For players who want to get up close and personal with their dino friends, let me introduce Zephyr. This exosuit uses melee attacks with blades on its arms. To equalize that and make you feel safe, the suit is also one of the fastest in the game. With its low armor, fast speed, and fast attacks, you can do a lot more. So getting in and out of combat can be done easier with Zephyr.

Variant Energy Chakram: This exosuit has a lot of the same qualities as the original. Low armor, high attack, and high speed. But instead of using melee attacks, Energy Chakram has ranged abilities. Plus, the farther you are away from the enemy, the more damage the energy halos do. So try to fight at a distance with this exosuit.

Barrage: To add AoE damage and damage that hurts over time, consider using Barrage. With its grenades and close combat style of fighting, you can be clearing out areas quickly. This is an exosuit you want to have for the larger enemies due to its more powerful attacks.

Variant Rocket Hop: While this exosuit is designed to be used at a distance, you may not have much of an issue when up close. It can take the same amount of damage the original can, but it’s faster exosuit between the two. You can be an annoyance with this suit, because of its impressive mobility aspect.

Vigilant: For this exosuit, you’ll be at a farther distance since it’s based around being a sniper. If you want to deal heavy damage to more than one enemy, fight from a distance because at short range you won’t be as effective.

Variant Marksman: Benefiting from the high precision of Vigilant, Marksman uses that but at a closer range. Its semi-automatic rifle can hit the enemy’s weak points easily, provided you are at an okay distance from them. Since you’ll be somewhat closer to the enemy with this exosuit, you can easily outmaneuver them with Marksman.

Season 1 Support exosuits

Witchdoctor: Keeping your team alive, and healthy, and buffing their attacks is important. This is where the Witchdoctor comes in. You should be able to zip around the battlefield assisting your weakened ally with the suite’s heightened mobility. Your squad isn’t really complete if the Witchdoctor isn’t a part of it.

Variant Duality Beam: This version of the Witchdoctor is basically an attacker as well. While it can heal you with its beam like normal, it can also damage enemies with the same beam. The longer the beam hits you or an enemy, the more of an effect it has. Adding the extra mobility, your fellow allies may not go down as easily.

Skywave: Probably one of the more unique exosuites in Exoprimal. Since this is the one where you’ll be flying most of the time. While you’re in the air with Skywave, you’ll be slowing down the enemy’s movements, making it easier for your teammates to take them out.

Variant Thunderclap: Imagine being able to fly, now imagine being able to call down a lightning strike from the sky. This is exactly what Thunderclap can do. When the lighting hits an enemy, it can damage them and slows them down. So you can be versatile with this suit.

Nimbus: Having one healer is good, but two are great. Nimbus acts as an off healer so you don’t have to rely on it as much. However, this suit is a more dynamic one. You can switch between an offensive and support mode. For offensive, you got weapons to use, for support, you can heal. It’s also a fun exosuit to use based on easy it can handle.

Variant Double Barrel: This variant of Nimbus has two shotguns, each with its own playstyle. One shotgun attacks and does heavy damage, and the other heals. So you can quickly become a two-type exosuit with Double Barrel. When things get too hot, this exosuit can help negate that.


Season 1 Tank exosuits

Roadblock: Tanks are important in Exoprimal, this suit confirms that. Roadblock is a heavy, slow, and downright scary exosuit. It has this larger-than-life shield that the team can get behind. The shield has a multipurpose function as well, while it’s protecting the team, it can deflect incoming attacks. Plus, the boosts Roadblock has can push back many enemies.

Variant Fortress Shield: You place energy shields around to take on the attacks with Fortress Sheild. However, the arm-mounted shotgun is the selling point for this exosuit. Since you’ll be engaging in close-quarter fights, the shotgun can devastate the enemy while your shields absorb the attacks.

Mursame: Melee exosuits aren’t common in Exoprimal, however, the Mursame makes this style of fighting fun. This suit is rather fast for a tank class, it can do large AoE attacks with its sword, and it can deflect many oncoming attacks with the sword. There’s really no limit to how important Mursame can be.

Variant Frost Glaive: The reason why it’s called Frost Glaive is that it comes with an ice attack. When Murasame is guarding an attack, the incoming attack turns into a wave of ice that freezes the enemy.  With this, you can easily crowd-control some of the hectic fights.

Krieger: In order to control the fight, you must suppress the enemy from attacking. Krieger can lock down the enemy’s advance on the team, and outright stop them from moving. This suit is essential for going up against the larger enemies.

Variant Charge Shotgun: While not as powerful as the main counterpart, the Charge Shotgun variant has a quicker, yet impactful attack. The shotgun has a wider scope for attacks, so it can hit more than one enemy at once. It also has a compressed mode which can also hurt multiple enemies as long as they’re in the path of the shot.

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