Meet the dinosaurs of Exoprimal in its latest trailer

Exoprimal Pc Trailer

Exoprimal is Capcom’s new team-based dinosaur hunting action game that was revealed earlier this year. A new trailer released, giving players a closer look at some of the dinosaurs featured in the game. Shown during San Diego Comic Con, the Exoprimal trailer shows the dinosaurs in all their action.

The official YouTube description reads: “Hello again, Exofighters. Recently revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, we are pleased to showcase a variety of dinosaurs that both your team and an opposing squad will face off against. Raptors, Pteranodons, T-rexes, and more are joined by terrifying creatures such as the Neo Ankylosaurus, pushing teams to the limits of their abilities in each combat test. We hope you enjoy your attempts at surviving these blasts from the past! We would like to remind all Exofighters that any unauthorized blasting of the past, present, or future can and will result in disciplinary action. Have a super day, and don’t forget to smile.”


A crisis about dinos

Exoprimal puts players into the boots of futuristic soldiers who must fight against limitless hordes of dinosaurs. And there are plenty of them. Each player takes on a different role, and each roles comes with its own unique set of abilities and weapons. On top of that, there are a variety of game modes to try.

The game will include a narrative-based campaign and a Dinosaur Survival mode, which will involve teams of players competing to see who’s the best at fighting these prehistoric creatures. It’s an unusual premise and not one that fans of Capcom’s other famous dinosaur-based franchise, Dino Crisis, would have seen coming. However, for those fans, Capcom has already confirmed that Exoprimal has no connection to Dino Crisis.

Exoprimal releases on PC in 2023. You can sign up to take part in closed network tests on PC here.

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