All Forbidden Names In Buckshot Roulette Explained
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All forbidden names in Buckshot Roulette, explained

The power of names.

Before you begin playing Buckshot Roulette you have to input your name for the waiver. Although you can only put in a six-letter word, there are certain words that it won’t allow you to submit. Here are all the forbidden names in Buckshot Roulette, explained.

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Buckshot Roulette: All forbidden name, explained

If you’re interested in getting a secret Achievement in Buckshot Roulette, it involves inputting a forbidden name. There aren’t a lot of names that we know about just yet, but so far all the forbidden names in Buckshot Roulette are God and Dealer.

All Forbidden Names In Buckshot Roulette Explained God
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The original game on wouldn’t allow you to input God but wouldn’t give you a reason for why. Players started to figure out the hidden lore behind Buckshot Roulette, and now we know why. God already signed the waiver and lost, leading to the player seeing the desecrated land that was once Heaven if you die.

God Waiver
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At some point during the game, you’ll also accidentally grab God’s old and bloody waiver in the item box before it’s quickly taken from you. Now in the Steam release if you try to name yourself God you earn the secret Achievement “Name Taken“. As an interesting fact, the Achievement’s description just says “Deicide,” which I originally thought was a typo. It’s a real world, and it means the killing of a god.

All Forbidden Names In Buckshot Roulette Explained Dealer
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Typing out the name Dealer doesn’t give you an Achievement, but it’s not an acceptable name to input. This is probably because the Dealer can’t allow another person to be named Dealer, or else that would somehow implement the actual Dealer into the waiver.

Other than these two words, you’re allowed to name yourself anything within six letters. Players, and even myself, have attempted other names like “Satan” or “Jesus” to see if that did anything, but those names are acceptable. Now that the game has been released on Steam you can gain access to the new Double or Nothing items while playing this mode.

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