Fortnite Avatar Elemental Shrine Firebending
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All Fortnite Elemental Shrine locations for Avatar quests

Find Bending Scrolls at these elemental shrines.

The Avatar: Elements event is now live in Fortnite and Korra’s Waterbending abilities are no longer the only Avatar-themed Mythics on the island. The first part of the Avatar questline in Fortnite requires you to visit an elemental shrine, which is the first step to mastering all four elements.

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The Avatar: Elements event adds Firebending, Earthbending, and Airbending Mythics on top of the existing Waterbending Mythic item added alongside Korra earlier this season. You can also find Zuko, Katara, Toph, and Aang as NPCs at specific spots around the map. Completing their quests and using Bending abilities will level up your Avatar event pass and unlock free and paid rewards like the Appa glider and Aang skin.

Where to Find Elemental Shrines in Fortnite

Fortnite Avatar Elemental Shrine Locations Map
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There are eight elemental shrines on the Fortnite island as a part of the Avatar: Elements event. There are two elemental shrines per element, and we’ve marked their locations for you on the map above with corresponding colors. Firebending shrines are marked in red, Waterbending shrines are marked with dark blue dots, Airbending shrines are marked with turquoise, and Earthbending shrines are marked with green dots.

Here’s a brief rundown of where to find all eight elemental shrines.

  • Firebending: On the coast north of Rebel’s Roost
  • Firebending: On the coast east of Snooty Steppes
  • Waterbending: West of Classy Courts
  • Waterbending: On the mountain south of Grand Glacier
  • Earthbending: On the island east of Restored Reels
  • Earthbending: Southwest of Pleasant Piazza
  • Airbending: Northeast of Brawler’s Battleground
  • Airbending: North of Grand Glacier

Each elemental shrine contains a Bending Scroll that will grant you elemental powers. These aren’t the only ways to get Bending Mythics in Fortnite, however, since the Avatar items can also drop from chests. The Greek mythology Mythics like the Chains of Hades and Wings of Icarus have been vaulted during the Avatar event as well, so all of the God Chests that would normally drop Greek Mythics will now drop Avatar items instead.

As you might expect, these elemental shrines are very hot drop spots since everyone’s trying to get their Avatar quests finished so they can unlock the rewards as fast as possible. Be ready for a fight if you decide to land at one of them, and maybe consider some of the other best Fortnite landing spots if you don’t mind getting your hands on Bending Scrolls later in the match.

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