All Lake Temple Offerings in Coral Island

All Lake Temple Offerings In Coral Island
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Once you unlock the Lake Temple in Coral Island, you’ll be able to donate tons of different Offerings, all of which we’ll detail below.

If you complete all the Lake Temple Offerings, you’ll be able to help save the island, as well as earn special rewards per batch.

Coral Island: All Lake Temple Offerings and how to get them

While some of these Offerings allow for a variety of items, most only require you to give five to six of any of the items. But some will require you to give all the items listed. Let’s finally get on with all the Lake Temple Offerings in Coral Island.

All Lake Temple Offerings In Coral Island Items
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Crop Alter

OfferingItemsHow to getRewards
Essential Resourcesx10 Wood, x10 Stone, x10 Fiber, x10 Sap, x5 Maple seeds, x5 Oak seeds, x5 Pine cone.Chop trees, mine rocks, Scythe grass.Recycling Machine
Spring SesajenTurnip, Carrot, Daisy, Wasabi, Morel.Collect Spring scavengeables, grow Spring crops.x8 Sugarcane seeds
Summer SesajenBlueberry, Hot pepper, Sunflower, Shallot, Hibiscus.Collect Summer scavengeables, grow Summer crops.x8 Tomato seeds
Fall SesajenPumpkin, Rice, Orchid, Black trumpet, Fig.Collect Fall scavengeables, grow Fall crops.x8 Barley seeds
Winter SesajenBrussel sprouts, Kale, Rose hip, Snowdrop, Tea leaf.Collect Winter scavengeables, grow Winter crops.x8 Tea seeds
Ocean Scavengeablesx5 Sea salt, King scallop, Eastern oyster, Blue mussel, Green sea urchin.Find items in the Ocean while diving.Dehydrator

Catch Alter

OfferingItemsHow to getRewards
Fresh Water FishCatfish, Tilapia, Rainbow fish, Silver arowana, Koi.– Catfish: Rice Field, River, Pond during Spring/Summer, rainy weather, and in the evening/night.
– Tilapia: Lake, Pond, Cavern during Spring/Winter.
– Rainbow fish: River during Spring/Winter when sunny, snowy, or windy.
– Silver arowana: Caverns during Winter in the morning/afternoon.
– Koi: Lake, River, Cavern during Spring/Summer in the morning.
Large fish bait
Salt Water FishPink snapper, Lionfish, Asian sheepshead, Yellowfin tuna, Sardine.– Pink snapper: Cavern or Ocean during Spring/Winter in the afternoon/evening (Cavern all day).
– Lionfish: Ocean during Spring/Summer in the morning/afternoon/evening.
– Asian sheepshead: Ocean during Winter.
– Yellowfin tuna: Ocean during Winter, raining/snowing in the afternoon/evening.
– Sardine: Ocean during Summer/Fall in the evening/night.
Small fish bait
Rare FishSturgeon, Gator gar, Arapaima, Giant sea bass, Yellow moray eel.– Sturgeon: Lake or River during Summer/Fall/Winter, raining/snowing in the evening/night.
– Gator gar: Lake or River during Spring 3-28, raining in the morning/afternoon.
– Arapaima: River during Fall/Winter, raining/snowing.
– Giant sea bass: Ocean during Fall 1-7 in the morning/night.
– Yellow moray eel: Ocean during Spring 15-28/Summer 15-28, in the evening/night.
Fish pond
Day InsectPipevine swallowtail butterfly, Tiger beetle, Yucca moth, Assam silk moth, Monarch caterpillar.– Pipevine swallowtail butterfly: Forest, Lake, Woodlands, Garden Lane, Deep Forest while sunny/windy/rainy.
– Tiger beetle: Lake, Beach, Lookout, Garden Lane, Town, Woodlands, during the Spring.
– Yucca moth: Hot Spring, Beach, Town, during the Spring/Summer.
– Assam silk moth: Forest, Hot Spring, Lookout, Garden Lane, Vineyard, during the Spring/Fall while sunny/rainy/windy in the daytime.
– Monarch caterpillar: Woodlands, Beach, Garden Lane, Deep Forest, during the Fall/Winter while sunny/rainy/windy/snowy in the daytime.
Bee house
Night InsectFirefly, Cecropia caterpillar, Centipede, Rove beetle, Atlas moth.– Lake, Forest, Garden Land, Woodlands, during the Spring/Summer at night.
– Cecropia caterpillar: Lake, Forest, Garden Lane, Vineyard, Lookout, during the Spring/Summer while sunny/windy at night.
– Centipede: Beach, Garden Lane, Town, Forest, Woodlands, Vineyard, while sunny/windy at night.
– Rove Beetle: Vineyard and Garden Lane during Fall/Winter, sunny/rainy at night.
– Atlas moth: Forest during Fall/Winter while sunny/windy in the evening/night.
Ocean CrittersCannonball jellyfish, Hermit crab, Sexy shrimp, Sunflower sea star, Pom-pom crab.– Cannonball jellyfish: Ocean 10-20m, during Spring/Summer/Fall.
– Hermit crab: Ocean 20-30m.
– Sexy shrimp: Ocean 40-50m, in the day.
– Sunflower sea star: Ocean 50-60m, during the Spring/Summer.
– Pom-pom crab: Ocean 10-20m, during the Spring/Summer.
Crawler trap

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Advanced Alter

OfferingItemsHow to getRewards
Barn AnimalsMilk, Goat milk, Wool, Large goat milk, Large wool, Large milk.Milking cows, trimming Sheep (well-cared for large ones).Cheese press
Coop AnimalsEgg, Duck egg, Large egg, Large duck egg.Collecting chicken and duck eggs (well-cared for large ones).Mayonnaise machine
Basic CookingSmoothie, Grilled fish, Sunny-side-up egg, Tomato soup, Onigiri.– Smoothie: x1 Fruit with Blender.
– Grilled fish: x1 Fish with Grill.
– Sunny-side-up egg: x1 Egg with Skillet.
– Tomato soup: x1 Tomato with Pot.
– Onigiri: x1 Rice with Seasoning Set.
Oil press
Basic ArtisanAny Mayonnaise, Fruit juice, Butter, Dried scavengeable, Pickle.– Mayonnaise: x1 Egg with Mayonnaise machine.
– Fruit juice: x1 Fruit with Keg.
– Butter: x1 Milk with Mason Jar.
– Dried scavengeable: x1 Sea forgeable with Dehydrator
– Pickle: x1 Vegetable with Mason Jar.
Fruit PlantApple, Almond, Lemon, Mango, Cocoa bean, Dragonfruit, Durian, Rambutan.– Apple: Rank C, Fall crop.
– Almond: Rank C, Winter crop.
– Lemon: Rank C, Fall/Winter crop.
– Mango: Summer crop.
– Cocoa bean: Rank E, Fall/Winter crop.
– Dragonfruit: Rank E, Summer/Fall crop.
– Durian: Rank C, Spring crop.
– Rambutan: Rank E, Spring/Summer crop.
Sprinkler II
Monster Dropx5 Silky fur, x5 Monster essence, x5 Tough meat, x5 Slime goop, x5 Bat wing– Silky fur: Dropped by Snatchers.
– Monster essence: Dropped by any monster.
– Tough meat: Dropped by Armulites and Snatchers.
– Slime goop: Dropped by Slimes and Snatchers.
– Bat wing: Dropped by Bats and Snatchers.
x5 Explosive III

Rare Alter

OfferingItemsHow to getRewards
Rare CropsCotton, Snowdrop, Coffee bean, Cactus, Garlic (all Osmium quality).– Cotton: Rank C, Fall/Winter crop.
– Snowdrop: Rank C, Spring/Winter crop.
– Coffee bean: Rank D, Summer crop.
– Cactus: Rank B, Fall crop.
– Garlic: Rank C, Fall crop.
Sprinkler III
Precious GemsDiamond, Red beryl, Black opal, Peridot, Labradorite.– Diamond: Water/Mystery geode, Water mine.
– Red beryl: Earth/Mystery geode, Earth mine.
– Black opal: Earth/Mystery geode, Earth mine.
– Peridot: Wind/Mystery geode, Wind mine.
– Labradorite: Fire/Mystery geode, Fire mine.
Slime of replication
Rare CookingPad thai, Apple pie, Vegan taco, Serabi, Es cendol.– Pad thai: Wheat Flour, Shrimp, Lemon, and any vegetable with a Frying Pan.
– Apple pie: Apple, Wheat flour, Butter/Large butter, and any honey with an Oven.
– Vegan taco: Tortilla, Kiracha sauce, and any vegetable with a Skillet.
– Serabi: Gourmet salt, Rice flour, Sugar, and any coconut with a Skillet.
– Es cendol: Rice flour, Syrup, and any coconut with a Ceramic bowl.
Jamu recipe
Rare ArtisanFermented goat cheese wheel, White truffle oil, Titan arum black honey, any kimchi, any wine.– Fermented goat cheese wheel: Goat cheese wheel with an Aging barrel.
– White truffle oil: White truffle with an Oil press.
– Titan arum black honey: Titan arum with a Bee house.
– Any kimchi: Any Pickle with an Aging barrel.
– Any wine: Any Fruit with an Aging barrel.
Aging barrel
Rare Ranching ProductsLarge quail egg, Large gesha coffee bea, Large llama wool, Large feather, Black truffle.– Large quail egg: From well-cared quails.
– Large gesha coffee bean: From well-cared Luwaks.
– Large llama wool: From well-cared llamas.
– Large feather: From well-cared Peacocks.
– Black truffle: From Pigs.
Auto petter
Rare Resourcesx3 Bronze bar, x3 Silver bar, x3 Gold bar, x3 Bronze kelp essence, x3 Silver kelp essence, x3 Gold kelp essence.– Bars: x5 Bronze/Silver/Gold Ore and x1 Coal with a Furnace.
– Kelp essence: x10 Bronze/Silver/Gold kelp and x1 Glass with an Extractor.
x5 Osmium kelp essence

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