All Museum Artifacts in Coral Island

All Museum Artifacts In Coral Island
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If you’re looking to increase the island’s ranking, you’ll need to start donating items to the Museum. We’ll go over all the Museum Artifacts and how to get them in Coral Island.

There are 78 Artifacts you can come across in this farming and life sim, all available to donate to the Museum to enhance its collection. They even have other uses, as we’ll explain below.

How to get all Museum Artifacts in Coral Island

Artifacts donated to the Museum will give you Town Rank points, or you can decide to gift them to someone. You can also sell them for a good price. You can get all Museum Artifacts in Coral Island either through finding Coffers, or purchasing Coffers at the Black Market.

All Museum Artifacts In Coral Island Coffer
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Whenever you’re clearing trash, you have the chance of earning a Coffer, which is a little locked chest. Trash appears in the Ocean while you’re diving as well. You can also purchase Coffers at the Black Market, which is a secret shop that Ratih runs on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights in the Lighthouse.

When you open a Coffer through the Blacksmith, you get the chance to find an Artifact. There are many different types of Coffers, most of which you can also find while diving in the ocean. Now that you know how to get Artifacts, let’s go over what they all are.

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Coral Island: All Artifacts

Types of Coffers

Depending on the type of Coffer you get, there are different types of Artifacts you may find. Each Coffer is attainable in both similar and different ways.

  • Coffer: Farm, tilling soil and sand, fishing, Black Market.
  • Ornate Coffer: Ocean (10-20m), tilling sand on the Beach, Black Market.
  • Mysterious Coffer: Ocean (10-60m), Black Market.
  • Shimmering Coffer: Ocean (20-50m), Black Market.
  • Marble Coffer: Ocean (40-50m), Black Market.
  • Pirate Coffer: Ocean (50-60m), Black Market.

Another thing to note is that you can use Artifacts as fuel for enchanting. Each Artifact has a type of rarity, which will give a certain amount of points to whatever you’re imbuing. Here are the rarities and how many points you get with them:

  • Common: 20 points
  • Uncommon: 35 points
  • Rare: 50 points
  • Super rare: 70 points
  • Legendary: 100 points

Artifacts list

Without further ado, here’s the list of all the Museum Artifacts you can find in Coral Island.

All Museum Artifacts In Coral Island Donate
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ItemCofferEnchanting Rarity
Ancient BatteryCofferSuper rare
Ancient CompassOrnate, MysteriousCommon
Ancient MapOrnate, MysteriousSuper rare
Ancient Rainbow ArmbandMarble, MysteriousCommon
Batik ShawlPirate, MysteriousCommon
Beach Snow GlobeShimmering, MysteriousCommon
Beaded NecklaceCofferUncommon
Blue MaskCofferUncommon
Broken BladeMarble, MysteriousCommon
Broken SundialShimmering, MysteriousCommon
Bronze HammerCofferRare
Bronze StatuePirate, MysteriousSuper rare
C.I. JoeMysteriousUncommon
Carved Ring HolderOrnate, MysteriousCommon
Cassette PlayerMysteriousCommon
Ceramic VaseMarble, MysteriousLegendary
Chipped HelmetCofferUncommon
Chipped Pottery JugOrnate, MysteriousCommon
Clay VesselOrnate, MysteriousCommon
Crystal BallMarble, MysteriousUncommon
Dragon’s TearsMarble, MysteriousUncommon
Dragon’s TrisulaMarble, MysteriousUncommon
Flying Dragon TeapotShimmering, MysteriousLegendary
Gardonite RingCofferCommon
Gemstone BeadsShimmering, MysteriousCommon
Gemstone BonsaiMarble, MysteriousUncommon
Gemstone CandlestickShimmering, MysteriousCommon
Gemstone HourglassShimmering, MysteriousUncommon
Glass BowlPirate, MysteriousCommon
Glass StarPirate, MysteriousCommon
Gold EarringOrnate, MysteriousCommon
Gold FishMarble, MysteriousCommon
Jade Hair StickShimmering, MysteriousRare
Jade LocketCofferCommon
Jasmine CrownMarble, MysteriousCommon
Leather ParchmentCofferUncommon
Magic LampShimmering, MysteriousUncommon
Masquerade MaskOrnate, MysteriousCommon
Moonlight EarringsPirate, MysteriousCommon
Optical Glass PrismOrnate, MysteriousRare
Oversized SpoonPirate, MysteriousSuper rare
Pearl BroochShimmering, MysteriousRare
Pearl ChainShimmering, MysteriousUncommon
Prehistoric BowlCofferUncommon
Red MaskCofferUncommon
Royal BowlOrnate, MysteriousCommon
Ruby HairpinOrnate, MysteriousLegendary
Rusty AnchorPirate, MysteriousRare
Salt LampShimmering, MysteriousCommon
Shadow PuppetCofferCommon
Shell AnkletMarble, MysteriousCommon
Ship’s WheelShimmering, MysteriousCommon
Silver ForkPirate, MysteriousLegendary
Silver SandalOrnate, MysteriousUncommon
Silver SpoonPirate, MysteriousLegendary
Sky DiskMarble, MysteriousRare
Small Figurine Shimmering, MysteriousUncommon
Snow GlobeOrnate, MysteriousRare
Stingray Jewel PlateMarble, MysteriousCommon
Stone Hand AxeCofferUncommon
Stone PortraitMarble, MysteriousSuper rare
Terracotta SoldierOrnate, MysteriousSuper rare
Town ModelPirate, MysteriousRare
Underwater TabletPirate, MysteriousUncommon
Unfinished Clay StatueCofferCommon
Vinyl RecordMysteriousUncommon
Water BottleMysteriousUncommon
Wood CarvingMarble, MysteriousRare
Wooden Hand FanPirate, MysteriousCommon

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