Lightyear Frontier Platforms
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All Lightyear Frontier platforms: Game Pass, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC

Enjoy Lightyear Frontier on most platforms!

Lightyear Frontier is a sci-fi mech farming sim that I want to play on every platform imaginable. Sadly, the game isn’t available on all platforms just yet, but it is available on some you may already have.

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Is Lightfall Frontier crossplay?

Regardless of where you play, take heart in knowing Lightyear Frontier is crossplay or cross-platform or however you like to say it. If you’re playing on PC, you can host a multiplayer server for you and your friends to enjoy — and vice versa.

Is Lightyear Frontier on Game Pass?

The best place to try Lightyear Frontier for free with your friends is on Game Pass. Because, yes, Lightyear Frontier is available day one on Game Pass. Game Pass can be enjoyed on PC and Xbox, but not all Xbox consoles.

Is Lightyear Frontier on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S?

Lightyear Frontier Early Access Launch Delayed
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Yes, Lightyear Frontier works on Xbox Series X|S, but it doesn’t work on Xbox One. Slowly but surely the last-gen consoles are getting edged out of the circle of platforms that new games run on.

Is Lightyear Frontier on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5?

Unfortunately, Lightyear Frontier is not currently available on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. The game is still in Early Access, so seeing it come to PlayStation consoles isn’t off the table. While PlayStation isn’t on their current roadmap, the developers haven’t said no to bringing the game to the console.

Is Lightyear Frontier on Nintendo Switch?

The same goes for Nintendo Switch: While Lightyear Frontier is not currently available on Nintendo Switch, that doesn’t mean it will never come to the console because the game is currently in Early Access. Microsoft is making the smart move to welcome many Early Access games onto their platforms which makes it hard to enjoy games early on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Is Lightyear Frontier on Epic Game Store, Steam?

Last but not least, Lightyear Frontier is available on both Steam and Epic Games Store. However, if I were you, I’d play it on PC Game Pass first to see if I like it. Then, when more content has come out for the game, you can decide if you want to buy it.

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