How to demolish a building in Lightyear Frontier
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How to host multiplayer in Lightyear Frontier: Dedicated servers, explained

Get cosy with friends.

In my opinion, cozy base-building games are always better with friends. One person can go out and collect materials while the other constructs. Adventures can be shared, and the world becomes fuller. However, despite Lightyear Frontier having a multiplayer, it won’t have dedicated servers.

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How multiplayer works in Lightyear Frontier

Unlike games such as Fortnite or Call of Duty, Lightyear Frontier will not have public servers they host as a company. This means that if you want to play with your friends, you will have to pick one person to host the map. If you want to play on the shared Lightyear Frontier multiplayer game, the person with the server will have to be online.

Dedicated servers can be dropped into and out of whenever any of the players like. Without this option, a server can only be accessed when the host is online. This is known as P2P multiplayer. If you want the Lightyear Frontier multiplayer server to be always online, the person hosting it has to leave their PC running.

How to host multiplayer in Lightyear Frontier: Dedicated servers, explained
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This multiplayer method has its advantages and disadvantages. On the upside, it saves the company money, as they are not responsible for server uptime and maintenance costs. However, on the downside, if you want a multiplayer game with lots of players, it is completely dependent on the host being online.

This decision is undoubtedly a financial one for the company. As the game gains traction and makes more money, they may implement a server to host dedicated, always-online maps. As mentioned by one of the developers, if they receive enough interest, they will eventually set up dedicated servers.

How to host a multiplayer game in Lightyear Frontier

To host a multiplayer game in Lightyear Frontier simply open up the Multiplayer option at the start screen. From here, you can choose to either join a game or host one. If you are choosing to host, be aware there will be added strain both on your PC and on your bandwidth. When choosing who should host, I would recommend the person with the better PC.

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When setting up your multiplayer server, choose your various settings. This should include a name and a password for the server. Once you have started your map, you can invite other players to join from your friend’s list. They can also join your game via the multiplayer screen. They simply need to type in your server name and enter the password.

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