All maps and modes coming in the pre-season of XDefiant
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All maps and modes coming in the pre-season of XDefiant

Start off on the right foot.

After a few years and a handful of delays, Ubisoft’s free-to-play shooter XDefiant is here in all its glory. Based on our early impressions of the shooter, it seems like there’s something there. However, with the full game in the wild, XDefiant might be a different beast. A good indicator is what’s coming with the full release. To learn all the maps and modes in the pre-season of XDefiant, we’ll break it down for you below. 

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XDefiant: All maps and modes coming in the pre-season

If you’re like me and played the previous betas, we saw only one or two modes. However, I am happy to report that XDefiant has more with the hopes of keeping this fresh. 

Before jumping in with your friends let’s go over the modes first. Since XDefiant is a live service game, you can expect more modes to drop in the future seasons.

All modes in the pre-season

Currently, there are only five modes in the pre-season. 

  • Domination: Taken directly out of CoD’s multiplayer. You and your team will have to run around the map taking over zones. There are three of them. To win, you must control all three which causes the scores for your team to rise faster. This mode will require more teamwork as the objectives need to be locked down.
  •  Hot Shot: This mode is XDefiant’s version of CoD’s Kill Confirmed. When you down an enemy, that won’t count toward your score. Instead, they’ll drop an item that matters the most. You must retrieve this item to earn the point. In CoD this is my favorite mode, so expect me to be playing this quite a bit. Why do I like it? Because you have to work harder for your kill, and nothing is guaranteed. 
  • Escort: Much like Overwatch’s objective-based mode, your team and you will need to stay with a robot to ensure it makes it a point. However, while you’re with the robot, you need to defend. Otherwise, enemies can come in and take it. 
  • Occupy: Plays a lot like Domination but instead of fixed points, they move around. This mode is much harder because the points could now have more enemies than friendlies and it’s more difficult taking the lead in Occupy.
  • Zone Control: More based on progression. If your team controls all the zones on a map, a new section opens up. Think of tug of war; the match might move backward and forward based on who’s controlling the zones. 

Maps coming to the pre-season

You can expect to play on 14 maps in total for pre-season. Some are built for XDefiant, while others are taken from other Ubisoft games like Splinter Cell. There are two categories of maps Arena and Progression.

Arena maps are the standard 6v6 for smaller engagements, and Progression are bigger maps.

Arean maps

  • Arena
  • Attica Heights – Ghost Recon Phantoms
  • Dumbo – The Division
  • Echelon HQ – Splinter  Cell
  • Emporium – The Division
  • Liberty – The Division 2
  • Mayday
  • Nudleplex – Watch Dogs 2
  • Pueblito Far Cry 6
  • Showtime


  • Meltdown
  • Midway
  • Times Square – The Division
  • Zoo – The Divison

XDefiant has taken an interesting stance on Ranked and Casual playstyle for the shooter. 

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