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All Multiversus currencies and how to get them, explained

Will credit cards be OP in MultiVersus?

There will be four MultiVersus currencies that you’ll be striving to earn. They all have a different purpose and are earned in different ways.

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As MultiVersus isn’t out yet, we are operating with as much information as we have been given. When the game releases on May 28, we’ll update you with any specifics.

What happens to the old currency in MultiVersus?

MultiVersus will be abandoning the old currency system and introducing a new economy, using four different currency types. This means that old currency in the Open Beta will no longer be available to be earned. But this does not make it obsolete.

To not punish the players who paid for and collected the old currencies, you’ll still be able to use them.

Character Tokens have been replaced by the Fighter currency, although you can still use your Character Tokens to unlock characters.

Battle Pass Tokens were used to purchase premium Battle Passes. Although Gleamium will be handling the purchase of premium Battle Passes and more, you can still use your Battle Pass Tokens to purchase premium Battle Passes.

Gold will flat-out be removed from the game. MultiVersus will, however, be awarding commemorative cosmetics that correlate to the amount of Gold earned during the Open Beta. These are exclusive cosmetics that cannot be earned any other way, which is a pretty good trade-off, I’d say.

With that out the way, let’s get into all the new currencies.

How to get and use Fighter currency in MutliVersus

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The Fighter currency in MultiVersus is used to purchase new characters.

Thankfully, you can earn Fighter currency in many ways:

  • Events
  • Rift Mode
  • Battle Pass
  • Account Mastery
  • Character Mastery

The more you play, the more Fighter currency you’ll earn, which you can apply toward unlocking the characters you want.

Likely the best way to get Fighter currency is by playing the Rift Mode or through Events, although we will get a better reading on this when the game releases.

How to get and use Perk currency in MultiVersus

The Perk currency in MultiVersus is used to purchase new perks.

Like the Fighter currency, you can earn the Perk currency in many ways:

  • Events
  • Rift Mode
  • Battle Pass
  • Account Mastery
  • Character Mastery

It’s unclear whether certain Rift Modes or Events will earn more or less Perk currencies than Fighter currencies, but they’re likely earned in tandem. This may make farming currency easy, as you’ll get both currencies for one.

But I’ll confirm this when the game drops.

How to get and use Gleamium currency in MultiVersus

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Gleamium is the general currency used for the majority of purchases. This currency will cover purchasing cosmetics, emotes, premium Battle Passes, and much more. Any purchase that’s not a character or a perk will concern Gleamium.

You can get Gleamium as a reward from:

  • Events
  • Battle Pass
  • Direct purchase

Out of all four currencies, Gleamium is the only one able to be purchased with real-world money. This means that MultiVersus won’t likely be pay-to-win, as you can’t buy characters with Gleamium. However, you can purchase the premium Battle Pass, and it looks like that may have characters tied to them.

How to get and use Prestige currency in MultiVersus

Prestige is a unique currency in MultiVersus, for it is more of a gateway to lucrative rewards.

You will earn Prestige from purchasing cosmetic items with Gleamium. The type and rarity of the cosmetic will translate to how much Prestige you earn from that purchase.

With this Prestige, you can purchase Prestige cosmetics, which are the rarest cosmetics in the game due to how they’re obtained. These Prestige cosmetics are status pieces, and represent how much drip you’ve acquired in MultiVersus.

Now that you understand everything about the currencies in MultiVersus, you can go forward and start earning. Just don’t buy any characters you could get for free.

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