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How to get the premium MultiVersus Battle Pass for free

The early bird catches the Vorhees.

MultiVersus has a Battle Passes that can be acquired for free. The premium MultiVersus Battle Pass may be gained for free if you’re early enough.

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MultiVersus premium Battle Pass is free for a limited time

The MultiVersus devs have stated that “returning players” who log into the game before June 11 at 8 p.m. PDT will receive access to the season 1 premium Battle Pass completely for free.

Considering that MultiVersus drops on May 28, you’ve got exactly 2 weeks to hop into MultiVersus to claim the premium Battle Pass when the game releases.

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Only returning players can benefit from this, which is a term that only becomes vague when you start trying to be exact. I imagine returning players are those who will be playing on the same account used in the open beta, no matter how much was played.

I took part in the open beta, but on a device that has since died. With a new account and device, I don’t believe I’ll be considered a returning player, which is a shame considering Jason Vorhees is an immediate unlock.

As long as you’re playing with an account made during the open beta, you’ll be able to jump back into MultiVersus and claim the premium Battle Pass in the Battle Pass section of the menu. This offer does expire, so it’ll be worth it to hop in as soon as you can.

How does the Battle Pass work in MultiVersus?

The Battle Pass in MultiVersus is like most other Battle Passes. There is a track of milestones that are advanced through completing Missions and earning XP. Upon reaching a new milestone, you may gain a reward.

Those who pay for the premium Battle Pass will receive a reward at every milestone. Those who don’t pay, however, will have some rewards locked out. To get those rewards, you’ll need to pay for the premium Battle Pass.

It is unclear how expensive the MultiVersus Battle Pass will be, although, troublingly, it seems that new characters may only unlock via the Battle Pass. This didn’t end well for Overwatch 2, and casts a worrying shadow over MultiVersus. However, all characters are obtainable by in-game currency, it’s just unclear whether you can purchase characters currently on the Battle Pass, or if you’ll have to wait for the season to end.

All sorts of cosmetics, currencies, and other items will be available to grab from the Multiversus Battle Pass, but in limited availability for the free track.

Although you may not get the premium Battle Pass for free, you may still get the Banana Guard for free.

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