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How to get Jason Vorhees and Banana Guard for free in MultiVersus

Banana split!

Jason Verhees and Banana Guard are characters released in the MultiVersus 1.0 launch, and you can get them for free. If you’re wondering how to get Jason Vorhees and Banana Guard quickly and for free in MultiVersus, read on.

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How to get the Banana Guard for free in MultiVersus

The Banana Guard in MultiVersus is able to be claimed by anyone for free — and before long, almost everyone will have them unlocked.

MultiVersus has stated that the Banana Guard and female Banana Guard will be given as a reward for completing the 7-day reward calendar after completing the tutorial. So once you’ve completed the tutorial, all you’ll have to do is log in to the game for 7 days. Easy!

Banana Guard Multiversus (2)
Image: MultiVersus

It is unclear whether this must be consecutive days, but I’d wager that on your seventh day of playing MultiVersus, whether consecutive or not, you’ll claim the Banana Guard and female Banana Guard.

Also, the 7-day reward calendar suggests that there will be rewards for all other days leading up to the Banana Guards, giving us even more incentive to log in one day after the other.

If you don’t have much time one day or don’t wish to play, then simply spending 5 minutes to log on to claim the rewards will set you up with a new unit when you’re back up for playing.

The Banana Guard is available to anyone to claim for free, unlike our next character, Jason Vorhees.

How to get Jason Vorhees for free in MutliVersus

Jason Vorhees is actually a character that’s on the premium Battle Pass, and returning players are gaining access to the premium Battle Pass for free for a limited time. This means that returning players will gain Jason Vorhees completely for free.

Jason Vorhees Multiversus
Image: MultiVersus

You’ll find Jason Vorhees as an instant unlock for getting the premium Battle Pass, so you won’t even need to advance on it to play with him. You’ll be able to play as him right after claiming the premium Battle Pass. Only if you’re a returning player, that is.

This means that players who didn’t take part in the Open Beta, or are now playing on a different account, won’t get access to Jason Vorhees for free.

Although it’s concerning that a character is on the Battle Pass, it’s been claimed that all characters can be bought with in-game currency. It’s not clear, however, whether a character currently on the Battle Pass can be bought or if we’d have to wait for the season to be over.

Either way, returning characters will be able to play with two new characters, with all the others still getting access to the Banana Guard in MultiVersus. All players, however, will have to get used to the new currency system.

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