All romance options in Coral Island

All Romance Candidates In Coral Island
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With Coral Island version 1.0 now released, players can experience 28 possible bachelor and bachelorette candidates. We’ll outline all the romance options in Coral Island.

Since there are quite a few romanceable NPCs, it’s pretty tough to decide who you should go for. Also, there are tons of generic NPCs you may think are romanceable but aren’t, so let’s get right into this list.

Coral Island: All bachelors and bachelorettes

As Coral Island left Early Access, it came with a few new romance candidates that we still are waiting to learn more about. But for now, here are all the romance options, their birthdays, and some information about them in Coral Island.

All Romance Candidates In Coral Island Bachelors Bachelorettes
Screenshot: Stairway Games


BenSpring 22A chill and optimistic vegan who works as a merchant.
CharlesWinter 4A doctor at the Clinic who enjoys giving health advice.
KennySpring 9Loves the outdoors and taking care of animals at the Ranch.
LukeFall 16Owns a dog named Taco, and owns Socket Electronics.
MarkSpring 18Cold on the outside, but warm on the inside, especially for animals.
NoahWinter 10A university graduate who enjoys long walks and running the Tavern.
PabloSpring 27The local blacksmith who’s happy-go-lucky and kind to everyone.
RafaelFall 4Helps run the blacksmith with his big brother Pablo and is rather reserved.
RajWinter 2A barista who owns the coffee shop in Starlet Town.
ScottSpring 12Loves drinking coffee and finding artifacts as an archeologist, as he works at the museum.
SemeruUnknownWorks as a Guard Leader for the Merfolk, and is pretty distrusting of people on land.
SuryaFall 25Newcomer to the island and happily works as a marine biologist at the Laboratory.
TheoFall 11Enjoys performing live at the Tavern, enjoys camping, and works as a fisherman.
WakuuWinter 8An astrophysicist who loves chocolate chip muffins.


AaliyahSpring 22Active, outdoorsy, and loves doing food tastings at Fishensips.
AliceWinter 27Enjoys reading, and works as the Coral Inn manager.
ChaemFall 6A hard-working and athletic lifeguard who has a blunt personality.
DenaliUnknownIs the gatekeeper of the Merfolk Kingdom.
EvaSummer 13Friendly to locals and new visitors, and works as a baker at Sam’s General Store.
LeahSummer 24Enjoys the fine arts, nature, and is a yoga instructor at the Community Center.
LilyFall 19Works for a remote job and enjoys visiting the library and the lake.
MacySpring 25A friendly photographer who enjoys being in nature and playing video games.
MillieWinter 3Enjoys bird watching when she’s not working as a librarian.
NinaWinter 24Intelligent, mysterious, and lived in the Abandoned Villa.
Princess MiranjaniUnknownPart of the Merfolk Royal Family.
SukiWinter 27An independent and strong mother who owned the Coral Inn.
YuriSummer 28A fan of tattoos, playing chess and pool, and works as a Doctor.
ZarahSummer 16A mysterious treasure hunter who is allergic to cats.

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Coral Island is available on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

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