All Ornate Chalice locations in Blasphemous 2

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Of all the prayers you’ll send up during your time with Blasphemous 2, one of the most common will be a prayer for more health. As you fall time and time again to twisted creatures and brutal bosses, you’ll curse your flimsy health bar and the cruel god who gave it to you. At least, until you discover that you can increase the size of your health bar, double it in fact, by collecting Ornate Chalices, collectables strewn throughout Blasphemous 2’s nightmarish world. Tracking these goblets down is a key step in becoming strong enough to handle the endgame challenges that await you, so read on for a guide to all the Ornate Chalice locations in Blasphemous 2.

Where to find every Ornate Chalice in Blasphemous 2

There are five Ornate Chalices in total in Blasphemous 2, each of which can be redeemed at the mysterious Chalice Woman in the City of the Blessed Name for a small boost to your maximum health. You begin the game with 150 health, and each Ornate Chalice you turn in grants you an extra 30, up to a total of 300 once you’ve tracked down all five. Here is a complete list of their locations:

Ornate Chalice 1

Location: Palace of the Embroideries

The first Ornate Chalice can be found in the top-left room of the Palace of the Embroideries. It’s a small room, and upon entering you’ll notice a red item on the floor, which represents an item you’ll need to complete a combat challenge to collect. Once you’ve survived the gauntlet, with the help of the two mirrors in the top-left and top-right of the room, you’ll receive the Ornate Chalice as your prize.

Ornate Chalice 2

Location: Sacred Entombments

Throughout the Sacred Entombments, you’ll be lowering the level of sand in the central section of the area, until it’s finally low enough for you to reach the boss of the area, Great Preceptor Radames. Head to the left of his boss arena, to the very bottom of that central section, and you’ll find an Ornate Chalice lying there in the dirt. Watch out for the sand hand enemy that attacks when you go for it.

Ornate Chalice 3

Location: Forlorn Patio

The Forlorn Patio is a tiny, one-room area off to the left of the Streets of Wakes. Here you’ll find a mysterious shopkeeper who sells all manner of goods, including the third Ornate Chalice. For just 6000 Tears of Atonement, this Chalice can be yours.

Ornate Chalice 4

Location: Sunken Cathedral

After making your way over to the left of the Sunken Cathedral, then back over to the right, you’ll bring down a ladder that links back to the start of the area. To the right of this ladder, you’ll find a tiny room with another red item, directly above the first Prie Dieu for the area. Pick it up, and complete the short combat gauntlet that ensues, and you’ll be rewarded with Ornate Chalice number four.

Ornate Chalice 5

Location: Streets of Wakes

The final Ornate Chalice is tied into another of Blasphemous 2’s sidequests: the hunt for the five daughters of the grief-stricken woman in the Streets of Wakes. You can find these daughters in various locations throughout the world, and after you do, a new combat challenge will be unlocked back at their mother. Complete the fourth challenge in this series, and you’ll receive the final Ornate Chalice.

And there you have it: all of the Ornate Chalice locations in Blasphemous 2. Some are easier to find than others, but all five are well worth searching out, since the extra padding they provide can be the difference between life and death in the heat of a fiercely-fought boss battle later down the line.

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