All Secondary Weapons in XDefiant, ranked
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All Secondary Weapons in XDefiant, ranked

You can't beat the classics.

Secondary Weapons are in an odd spot in XDefiant but remain essential to your loadout. If you’re looking for the best, here are all the Secondary Weapons in XDefiant, ranked.

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XDefiant: All Secondary Weapons ranked worst to best

All Secondary Weapons in XDefiant, ranked
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Secondary Weapons are pretty weak in XDefiant, and you can’t rely on them to carry you through a match. It’s fun to run around with a Magnum, but you’ll lose most of your fights unless you catch an opponent off guard. That said, swapping to your Secondary is faster than reloading a rifle, so here’s how the pistols compare:

#5 M1911

The M1911 is a serviceable sidearm let down by a miserable seven-shot magazine. You can fix this problem with an extended mag, but you’ll need to grind all the way to level 15 to unlock it! If you really want to earn more attachments for the M1911, some modes are better for grinding XP than others.

If we’re looking at strengths, the M1911 can quickly down players, especially if you have a fast trigger finger. The issue is it takes at least five shots to kill, and if you miss, you’ll be forced to reload. 

The weapon feels good, with a respectable rate of fire, but the magazine capacity truly cripples this classic sidearm.

#4 93R

I really want to like this weapon as burst-fire pistols can be fun, but I cannot make the 93R perform.

Don’t let the 15-shot magazine fool you. Fifteen bullets is only five bursts, and you need three to four bursts to kill. An Extended Mag is available, but it will take days to unlock.

As it stands, the 93R is a hit marker machine and a chore to use unless your opponent is already in bad shape.

#3 686 Magnum

The Magnum is arguably the most satisfying secondary weapon in XDefiant. This weapon packs an almighty punch, and it feels incredible to double-tap opponents.

To offset the Magnum’s stopping power, the gun has a low fire rate and only six rounds to play with. As it’s a revolver, there’s no extended magazine option either. 

The 686 Magnum rewards a steady hand and will kill in two bullets, provided you land a headshot in the mix.

#2 D50

We all know the D50 is a Desert Eagle, and it hits almost as hard as you’d expect. Sadly, that “almost” can be a problem, as you’ll often need three shots to kill.

Stats-wise, the D50 is similar to the 686 Magnum, but you can slap an extended magazine on it. The reload speed and fire rate are also faster, which makes it the better of the two heavy hitters. 

Sadly, the fire rate means you’ll lose most 1v1s against assault rifles unless you see them first. 

#1 M9

Surprisingly enough, the default sidearm is arguably the strongest in XDefiant. The M9 usually needs five or six shots to kill, but that’s not a problem when you have 15 shots to play with.

The rate of fire is a respectable 400rpm, and the recoil is manageable. No secondary in XDefiant is strong enough to replace your primary, but the M9 is a gun you can rely on. While it’s not worth using to kill outright, the M9 is superb for finishing off opponents, and the fire rate and magazine size make it more forgiving than the other handguns. 

A good sidearm can help with landing those valuable Quick-Swap kills, so make sure you practice with your favorites.

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