The Classic Token
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All secrets in Roblox The Classic and how to get them

Master The Classic.

There are many secret Quests in Roblox The Classic that don’t tell you how to complete them. If you want those sweet Tokens and Tix, you’ll need to find out how to complete them.

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These The Classic Quests are separate to the the other quests in other experiences, as they all must be completed in The Classic hub itself.

How to complete Map Checkpoint Portals in Roblox The Classic

To complete this secret quest in Roblox The Classic, all you’ll have to do is find and enter six portals hidden around the map. They will be empty when you begin, but by walking through them, you’ll activate them.

Once you’ve activated a portal, you’ll be able to walk through it and be teleported to the portals in the hub. Activate all six, and you’ll complete the quest.

The Blue Portal is next to the Roblox Headquarters.

The Classic Blue Portal Roblox
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Purple Portal in next to the pirate ship on Pirate Island.

Roblox The Classic Purple Portal
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Orange Portal is found on the Obby Island Checkpoint.

Yellow Portal Roblox The Classic
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Yellow Portal is found behind the castle.

Orange Portal The Classic
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Red Portal is found inside the Volcano. The lava is safe to drop through!

Red Portal The Classic
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Green Portal is found in the Happy Home.

Green Portal The Classic
Screenshot: PC Invasion

With all the Portals activated, you’ll earn three Tix.

How to complete Character Doors in Roblox The Classic

This Quest involves testing your Classic knowledge.

Find the checkered flag on the main island (left of the Happy House stairs) and drop down. Take a left and you’ll see a series of white panels with Roblox characters on them. You are required to state the names of these characters to progress through.

Builderman Roblox The Classic
Screenshot: PC Invasion

In order, type and send these names into chat:

  • Builderman
  • Shedletsky
  • Clockwork
  • Telamon
  • 1x1x1x1

These names are not case-sensitive, although you’ve got to get them exactly right.

Once you’re through, you’ll be able to claim the Token.

How to complete Capture The Flag in Roblox The Classic

This Quest is super easy. Inspired by the game mode, you must find either the red flag or blue flag, bring it to the other flag, and then do the same for the last flag.

You can find the red flag on the moon after using the jump pads to get up:

Roblox The Classic Moon
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can find the blue flag next to the castle (using the Yellow Portal you unlocked earlier will make this so much faster):

Roblox The Classic Blue Flag
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You will need to take one flag to the other three times to earn the Token. The order doesn’t matter at all – although just don’t reset or die, or the Flag will get reset!

How to complete Mirror Secret in Roblox The Classic

This challenge is another super easy one.

Roblox The Classic Magic Mirror
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Walk up to the Cafe (left of the Happy House), and walk into the building. Type and send “magic mirror” in chat, and the mirror will turn translucent, allowing you to walk through it.

Go into the room, walk up the girders to the next floor, and claim the Tix in the middle. Upon claiming the Tix, you’ll complete the quest.

Once you’ve completed this quest, don’t go anywhere! You’ll need this room for the next one.

How to complete Thirst Quenchers in Roblox The Classic

This challenge in Roblox The Classic starts in the secret room unlocked in the Mirror Secret challenge.

The Classic Vending Machine
Screenshot: PC Invasion

There is a vending machine, and you will be using that to purchase a drink. There is a choice of four, and you can only choose one. To buy a drink, you’ll need to spend a Drink Coin, which is bought for 4 Tix at the Event Hub Items panel in the Event Tracker.

The drinks have no effect when you drink them, so only choose the one you like the look of.

Once you’ve bought the drink, head back down to the main Hub area and go to the Helper Bot. You’ll be able to share your drink with the Helper Bot to earn the Token.

How to complete Bloxxer Secret in Roblox The Classic

To complete this challenge for Roblox The Classic, you’ll first need to go out of the game. You will need to buy and equip a free The Classic VIP shirt. Reset your character or go back into the game, and head to Roblox Headquarters (the blue portal you unlocked will make this much quicker!).

The Classic Vip Door
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you’re in, head downstairs. You’ll find a blocked door with “VIP” written on it. With the VIP shirt equipped, you’ll be able to head right in.

Head inside and claim the Token.

How to complete Wardrobe Secret in Roblox The Classic

To solve this quest, you’ll need to head to the location shown below in the main Hub and type and send “rainbow” into the chat.

The Classic Rainbow
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This will cause a rainbow bridge to appear, leading to the pot of gold in the cloud.

Once on top of the pot of gold, find the exact spot below to fall into a secret room.

The Classic Gold
Screenshot: PC Invasion

In the secret room, grab the Token to complete the quest.

How to complete Cloud Secret in Roblox The Classic

This quest requires some great precision, so go exactly to the following locations and follow the instructions carefully.

Firstly, from the center of the hub, head to the edge here:

The Classic Edge
Screenshot: PC Invasion

From the edge, fall down to the second level, and head to the red flower at the very edge as shown in the picture. Walk off the edge of the flower, and don’t move while falling.

You’ll land on a platform with a Token on it.

How to complete Rocket The Rocketship in Roblox The Classic

This quest is likely the easiest one to execute in Roblox The Classic.

As the name entails, you’ll have to use the Rocket Launcher to shoot a rocket at the Rocketship found on the moon.

The Classic Rocket The Rocketship
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can get the Rocket Launcher from the Event Items Hub in the Event Tracker for only six Tix. Head up to the moon using the jump pads and shoot at the Rocket. Job done.

Now that you know exactly how to complete all these secret challenges in Roblox The Classic, you can go ahead and start earning some more Tix.

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