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All Tix locations in Adopt Me Roblox Classic

Tix, please.

For the Roblox Classic event, you will be tasked with finding and collecting 10 Tix in Adopt Me. Earning all Tix is important because of the rewards you acquire from the event. Use this guide if you’re stuck and can’t find all Tix locations in Roblox Classic Adopt Me.

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Roblox Classic: All Tix locations in Adopt Me

Locating all 10 Tix isn’t an easy feat in Adopt Me. If you’ve been looking for the Tixs in Dusty Trip, you can probably understand the difficulty. Some of them might be hard to find. To trigger this event, find NooBurt and interact with him. He’ll explain that you need to collect the Tix which are on the map and inside the building. After that, you’re on your own unless you use this guide. 

Where to find the Tix in Adopt Me Roblox Classic

Tix #1: The first one is easy to find. Head up the ladder right beside NooBurt. You should see a Tix on the platform above.

Tix #2: This Tix is very out of the way. First head to the Toy Store, if you have a pet the flies head up beyond the clouds. Near the red rocket, you should see a moon with an open section. A Tix will be located in there.

Tix #3: Go to the Ice Cream Shop for the third Tix. Unlike the second Tix, this one seems to be hidden somewhat in plain sight. Beside a blue and pink giant ice cream scoops, you can find the third Tix in a purple ring

Tix #4: Next, let’s head to the Coffee Shop. You may miss out on finding this Tix because it’s tucked away. Behind the sign where Beatrice is, you should see the fourth Tix. 

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Tix #5: Not really in a store but in a specific location. First, make your way to the Market. It should be a green house. Once you enter, look for a fridge to walk into. You’ll be taken to a new area. To find the fifth Tix, look for the windmill and head up to the second platform, the Tix will be there.

Tix #6: Make your way to the School. Once you enter the School, go to the door on your right. You should be walking into the library. The sixth Tix is going to between two bookshelves on the left

Tix #7: Finding Tix number 7 will lead you to the Hospital. When you enter this building, head up to the second floor and enter the leftmost door. As soon as you enter this new room, look to your left where a pillar is, the seventh Tix will be behind it.

Tix #8: Go back to the Market, however, head to the building on the right of it. Look for staircases. When you find them, check behind the left one. The eight Tix should be located in this spot.

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Tix #9: The ninth Tix is surprisingly easy to find. Look for the blue and white house which is the Nursery. Once you enter, find the Anna. She should be in front of a desk on the other side from where you enter. The ninth Tix is going to be behind her.

Tix #10: Now, the location of the Tix number 10 might not be what you’re expecting. If you’re still at the Nursery look for a bridge across from itNavigate under it to the middle section. There will be a doorway talking to a tunnel. Follow the path till you see tree branches with purple diamonds hovering all over. The tenth Tix will be on a branch at the very top

Now that you know where all the Tix are in Adobt Me, why not find out how to unlock the Helicopter in Dusty Adventure for Roblox? 

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