Twinkle Tree In Monopoly Go
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All Twinkle Tree Rewards in Monopoly GO

Let's get you plenty of gifts under your tree.

The festive season is nearing an end, so Monopoly GO has decided to repeat the Twinkle Tree milestone event. Let’s get you going with all the rewards and info you need.

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The Twinkle Tree event started at 4 pm ET on December 2. This event returns things to normal after the Gift Partners event, although it also hosts the new Holiday Tree Player Token! I hope you’ve got lots of spare dice, as you’ll want to claim this Player Token.

Full list of Milestones and Rewards for Twinkle Tree in Monopoly GO

Below is a full list of rewards for the Twinkle Tree milestone event in Monopoly GO. I haven’t given the cash a value as it’ll be different for everyone. Excitingly, the Holiday Tree Player Token is up for grabs here!

MilestonePoints RequiredRewards
130Green Sticker Pack
24025 Free Rolls
4175115 Free Rolls
55010 minutes of Cash Grab
655Green Sticker Pack
8400230 Free Rolls
1090Green Sticker Pack
12750375 Free Rolls
14150Orange Sticker Pack
161,200550 Free Rolls
18180Pink Sticker Pack
1920080 Free Rolls
201,500Holiday Tree Player Token
21220100 Free Rolls
223755 minutes of Cash Boost
242,5001K Free Rolls
26650Blue Sticker Pack
284,0001.5K Free Rolls
301,500Blue Sticker Pack
328,0002,850 Free Rolls
332,00020 minutes of High Roller
352,400Purple Sticker Pack
362,800800 Free Rolls
383,000900 Free Rolls
394,000Purple Sticker Pack
4017,0007,500 Free Rolls and a Purple Sticker Pack

How does Twinkle Tree Work in Monopoly GO?

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Twinkle Tree is a milestone event in Monopoly GO. In milestone events, it’s your task to get as many points as you can. At each point milestone you reach, you’ll be rewarded. The rewards will be higher as you advance further in the event — but the point requirements will be higher!

The point requirements don’t get progressively higher, at least not one after the other. You’ll slowly see the point demand increasing, but large point spikes will disrupt your momentum — they’ll reward even better than the milestones surrounding them.

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How to get points in Twinkle Tree in Monopoly GO

To get points in Twinkle Tree, you’ll need to land on these specific tiles:

  • Chance Tile = 2 points.
  • Community Chest = 3 points.
  • Railroad = 5 points.

The points you earn are multiplied by your current dice multiplier, just like how it also multiplies cash rewards and shield pickups. So you’ll want to be rolling high to win high!

With Railroads rewarding highly for the Twinkle Tree milestone event, by landing on them, you’ll be able to advance both this event and the concurrent tournament at the same time!

Best way to win Twinkle Tree in Monopoly GO

My strategy here would be to only increase the dice multiplier when you’re near one of the specific tiles. This should allow you to roll more in the long run, preserve the dice multiplier, and earn even more points. Thankfully, with Railroad Tiles benefiting both events, you won’t have to split your attention and your dice will go even further.

At least this event is on for a little longer, so there is more time to earn points if you struggle to preserve your rolls in this way.

How long does Twinkle Tree last in Monopoly GO?

The Twinkle Tree milestone event will last for just over three days, ending on December 24, Christmas Eve! It’ll end on 9 pm ET. This event will last for a while, it seems, which gives you lots of time to advance as much as you can.

Now that you’re sorted with the Twinkle Tree event in Monopoly GO, why don’t you make sure you know everything about the current Jingle Jam tournament?

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