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When is the next Monopoly GO partner event?

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Monopoly GO features Partner Events, a limited-time event that offers tons of great rewards and goodies. But it seems to come and go as the developer, Scopely, pleases. Is it possible to know when the next Partner Event is in Monopoly GO?

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The next Monopoly GO partner event

The next Monopoly GO partner event is the Fountain Partners event.

Slated to start on the 6th of April, we are drawing closer to another event to earn thousands of dice and work together with your friends.

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As is expected, the grand prize of this next partner event includes an exclusive Player Token, called the Clam Shell Mr. M Token, which looks like a typical garden statue of a golden clam. This regal and very good-looking token will be the envy of everyone who didn’t manage to complete the event.

Alongside the Player Token, the grand prize also includes a Purple Sticker Pack and 5,000 Free Rolls, which will help if you’re striving to complete your Sticker Album for even more amazing rewards.

Fountain Partners will likely last for 5 days, as is the norm. Although it may last for seven if we’re lucky.

In the meantime, enjoy the other events and check back here frequently, as I’ll update this page as we get more information regarding the partner events.

What is the partner event in Monopoly GO?

The partner event in Monopoly GO is a fantastic event full of rewards. Requiring you to complete the fifth board in the game to join, this event will produce four new slots on your board. You must partner up with other players to build up new attractions, be they strangers or friends.

To build these new attractions, you’ll need to spin the wheel. Spinning this wheel will provide you and your partner with points as you both strive to build together. To spin this wheel, you and your partner need to collect specific event tokens that you can earn from other events and pick-ups from the board.

Note that once a partnership is created, it cannot be undone for the remainder of the event, so choose your partners wisely. Reach out on Facebook or to your friends to get the most dedicated partners you can.

The collaborative nature of this event is what’s made it a hit among the player base, and you also get to see cool new attractions hit the board. When it ends, however, many players will be left wondering when the next one will roll around.

Now that we’re all squared up on the status of the next Partners Event, why don’t you find out everything you need to know about the Monopoly Origins album?

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