Helicopter Panicore
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All ways to escape the hospital in Panicore

Get to the chopper!

Stuck in the creepy halls of Havenview General Hospital in Panicore? Don’t worry! This guide unveils every way to escape the hospital, including how to fix the elevator and prepare the helicopter for a dramatic exit.

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How to escape Havenview General Hospital in Panicore

As the radio explains at the beginning, players can escape Panicore’s hospital by repairing the elevator or preparing the helicopter on the roof. Like escaping the school, both exits require collecting the correct items randomly hidden throughout the building.

Panicore Crowbar
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In addition to keys, you’ll need to grab a crowbar to unlock barricaded doors, as well as a switch and two fuses to unlock a specific room containing the code to enter yet another door. Like every item in Panicore, these are found randomly throughout the building. Make sure to open every cabinet!

While it’s technically possible to escape without entering these locked rooms, due to Panicore’s complete randomization, odds are you’ll need to at least unlock a few.

How to repair the elevator Panicore

The elevator escape in Panicore’s hospital level is typically the fastest option since it needs so few items. The helicopter method can occasionally be quicker depending on your luck finding items, so choose whichever you’re making the most progress towards.

First off, collect the following items in random locations around the hospital;

  • Elevator Key
  • Electric Screwdriver
  • Wrench

While you’re exploring Havenview General, keep an eye out for the Emergency Elevator Switch, which can pop up on most walls in the building. You won’t be able to use the elevator until the emergency switch is flicked, even when it’s fully repaired.

Emergency Button Panicore
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Only one random elevator can be repaired each attempt. You’ll know which elevator is repairable by the lack of sparks and floating icons of the required items.

To repair the elevator, use the Wrench on the electrical box and Electric Screwdriver on the button. Be careful, as these make an extremely loud noise. Have a buddy with a brick or glass ready, just in case.

Elevator Panicore

Once repaired, the doors will open. Simply use the Elevator Key on the inside button, then select it again to escape the cursed halls of the hospital. Easy!

Quick recap

Here’s a quick recap of everything you need to do to repair the elevator and escape the hospital in Panicore:

  • Search the hospital for an Elevator Key, Electric Screwdriver, and Wrench
  • Locate and flip the Emergency Elevator Switch on a random wall in the hospital.
  • Find the single working elevator in the building. This is random in every run.
  • Use the Wrench to repair the electrical box.
  • Use the Electric Screwdriver to repair the outside button.
  • Use the Elevator Key on the button inside the elevator, and press it again to escape.

How to escape the hospital in the helicopter in Panicore

To prepare the helicopter and escape from the hospital through the roof, collect the following items:

  • Electric Screwdriver
  • Fuel
  • Helicopter Key
  • Metal Cutter

Like the elevator, you need to activate the Emergency Helicopter Switch located on a random wall within the hospital before you can leave.

Helicopter Cut Panicore
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With the items listed above, head to the roof to find the chopper. Use the Metal Cutter to cut the metal keeping the helicopter grounded. Unlike most other tools in Panicore, you need to press E when the meter reaches the red mark to perform a successful cut.

Next, head to the Fuel icon and hold E to fill ‘er up. This takes a long time and is incredibly noisy, so stay vigilant.

Helicopter Fuel Panicore
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Next up is repairing the stabilizer at the back of the ‘copter. Use the Electric Screwdriver to quickly raise the back of the chopper, ready for lift-off. All that’s left to do now is to use the Helicopter Key on the side door and escape!

Quick recap

Here’s a quick recap of everything you need to do to prepare the helicopter and escape the hospital in Panicore:

  • Search the hospital for an Elevator Key, Fuel, Helicopter Key, and Metal Cutter.
  • Locate and flip the Emergency Helicopter Switch on a random wall in the hospital.
  • Head to the roof and use the Metal Cutter on the poles.
  • Fill the chopper up with Fuel where indicated.
  • Repair the stabilizer at the back of the helicopter with the Electric Screwdriver.
  • Unlock the side door with the Helicopter Key and jump in.

Knowing how to escape is all well and good, but don’t forget there’s a monster constantly on your tail and eager to gobble you up. Check out our guide on surviving all monsters in Panicore for our best survival tips.

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