Numberpad Locked Door Panicore
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How to find the code for the hospital number pad in Panicore

Solve a puzzle or bait a terrifying monster; it's your choice.

In Panicore‘s hospital map, a door on the middle floor is locked behind a keypad. What secrets lay behind this door, and how on earth do you find the passcode? Read on to find out all you need to know about the door password in Panicore.

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How to unlock the door locked by a passcode in Panicore

Passcode Accepted Panicore
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In Panicore’s Havenview General Hospital map, the middle floor features a locked door that can’t be opened by a key or with a crowbar. Instead, players must enter the 4-digit hidden passcode to enter the door or bait the entity into breaking it down.

If dealing with the monster sounds a little too scary and you’d rather hunt down the passcode, I don’t blame you. The passcode for the locked door is found on the ground floor in a room locked by a switch box.

How to repair the fuse/switch box door

Switch Box Panicore
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To open the door that contains the code, you need two fuses and one switch. In typical Panicore fashion, these items are randomly placed anywhere within the hospital. Check high and low and open every cabinet until you have everything you need.

With two fuses and a switch in your inventory, head back to the door and insert all three items into the switch box, then flip the switch to open the door.

How to find the secret code and open the passcode door

Passcode Panicore
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In the newly unlocked room, you’ll find a rectangle displaying the four-digit code needed to unlock the door upstairs. Take a screenshot or write this down, then head upstairs. Bear in mind that this code changes every attempt, however. There are no shortcuts ’round these parts.

Find the door with the number pad on the middle level of the hospital and carefully input the number you found. If entered correctly, the door will open, and you can head inside.

What’s behind the door with the number pad in Panicore?

Wondering what’s behind the number pad door, which took all that effort to open? Drum roll, please… a few cabinets. That’s it; nothing special. However, some of the items you need to escape the hospital may only be located in this room. Whether or not you need to enter this room is entirely random, and unlocking the door is typically a last resort when you can’t find the tool you need anywhere else.

While you’re here, be sure to check out our guide on all ways to escape the school in Panicore. There may be a method you missed in your original attempt and possibly even an achievement waiting to be earned.

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