Allods: The Fury Of War Next Week

gPotato will be launching the third volume, The Fury of War, for their free to play MMO Allods Online next week on the 14 December.
The update will include character class changes and players will also recieve the ‘Droplet of Death’ which is an in-game item giving players the ability to reset all talents and rubies as many times as they wish for a 48 hour period. The item will appear via in-game email so watch out for that when the udpate launches.
Volume 3: The Fury of War for Allods Online is focusing on high-end content and guilds so theupdate includes new raid instances and guilds will be able to contest control and ownership of new, specially-designed allods and astral sectors against rival guilds.
Until the updates arrives next week, check out the new screens.


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