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Just recently, AMD confirmed that its upcoming FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) tech would not only be coming soon but would also be compatible with Nvidia GPUs. Just as Nvidia’s similar DLSS tech runs on GeForce cards, so too will FSR. However, DLSS might end up having a leg up over AMD’s solution when running on GeForce cards, mainly due to optimization.

This was brought to light via a response on Twitter by Scott Herkelman, the VP and General Manager for Radeon. There, he mentioned that despite AMD going ahead and testing to verify that FidelityFX runs on Nvidia’s cards, it “will be up to them” to optimize the tech properly.


Herkelman’s open confirmation that AMD will not optimize the tech on Nvidia’s cards makes sense, as that’s a competitor’s product. So, while players will have the choice to use either/or, the best possible experience that one can have with a given game will depend on their card of choice. That is, if a game supports both DLSS and FidelityFX, you might be better off using it with DLSS if you have an Nvidia card and vice-versa if you have an AMD card.

Should we hold our breath?

Unsurprisingly, Nvidia has not yet offered a comment on the situation, which means there’s yet to be a promise to follow through with Herkelman’s not-so-subtle guilt trip of doing the work “on behalf of their gaming community.” Since Nvidia has its DLSS tech already, it likely may just continue to boast about that and encourage its users to make use of it. However, there’s another thing to consider.

Since FidelityFX Super Resolution will be an open technology, there’s also the possibility of talented members of the community tinkering with it for better performance on Nvidia graphics cards. If Nvidia does little in the way of ensuring FSR is properly optimized on its cards, it might be up to some dedicated fans to pick up the mantle.

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